Addison Lee Driver In Court.

Mini cab driver on harassment charge.

A MINI- CAB driver was accused of making sexual advances towards a female passenger and was granted bailed ahead of his trail in january.

Tower Bridge Magistrates’ court heard that Christopher  Allen, 59 was a driver of one of London biggest MINI-CAB firm, Addison Lee.                                                                              

Allen is charged with intending to cause harassment, alarm or distress by using threatening , abusive words or behaviour on september 13, at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court on January 21.

This is one of the main reason’s the LT&PH have included this  proposal  in the fourth coming consultation paper.

 Driver Proposal 5
That TfL introduces a condition in private hire drivers’ licences that ‘Drivers must not make any remark of of a sexual nature to a passenger.
 Licensed drivers are not permitted to become involved sexually, or have sexual contact, even with consent, whilst in a licensed vehicle.’
A number of licensing authorities, concerned at the ongoing issues of cab-related sexual assaults and related offences, are considering such a condition for taxi and private hire drivers, along with appropriate processes to prevent abuse.
 This approach is supported by police forces around the country including the Metropolitan and City Police forces. It would allow a driver’s licence to be revoked on a precautionary basis on the balance of probability and remove the defence that sexual contact was consensual.
A similar proposal will be put forward with regard to taxi drivers


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3 thoughts on “Addison Lee Driver In Court.

  1. This is the company that says that None of their drivers
    have ever been convicted of a crime.. i feel the companies spin
    will continue to keep the illusion going that they are grade A and
    without any blemishes, but the fact is i see Addison Lee drivers on
    the phone whilst driving, in bus lanes and the usual bad driving
    all mini cab firms and drivers on London’s roads partake in.. they
    are human, time to stop pretending any different

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