(CRB) Convicted,Rapist,Bonus ? Goverment to Dumb Down (CRB) Check.

The Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records) (Amendment No. 2)Regulations 2010
These Regulations, which come into force on 6th December 2010, amend the Police Act 1997(Criminal Records) Regulations 2002.Regulation 2 amends the definition of “relevant police force” for the purposes of enhanced criminal records certificates issued under the Police Act 1997.
This means that when an application for an enhanced criminal record certificate is made, the Secretary of State must send the details of the application to the police force for the area in which the applicant currently resides in two situations. The first is when there is conviction or caution information held on the applicant and the second is when the position for which the certificate was applied will be primarily carried out in the applicant’s home. In cases in which any police force holds other (non conviction or caution) information, the Secretary of State must send the details of the application to the police force holding that information. This replaces the previous address based system of sending the details of the application to every force in whose area the applicant had resided for the previous five years irrespective of whether any information was held in relation to the applicant by any police force.

So could a driver who as committed a crime in London say in 2006, then on release, moved up north and lived there for 3 years without committing a crime,then applied for a job in a local MINI-CAB firm,when carrying out he’s CRB Check they would only check he’s address he as lived at for the last three year’s up north?

I’m no legal brain but if my under standing of this document Is right this could open the door to more Rape’s in MINI-CABS, and more Nonces in Schools.

I hope I’m wrong, so could someone  please leave a comment and tell me I’ve made a mistake.


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