(TFL’S) The Bigger Picture To kill Us Off.Part Two.

This is an article that the club printed in the Badge Newspaper back in, 2008
Subject: Private Hire Marshalled Ranks.

Ranks for sale all across London, also private hire satellite link marshalled phone booths coming to a street near you.
These are some of the mad suggestions made in the Taxi Touting
Report,Compiled by Geoffrey Riesel and Peter Hulme Cross.
Mr Riesel and Mr Hulme Cross would like to see these in and around
London in touting hotspots, because there are not enough Black Taxis
working the night shift ,past midnight, this they say is because
the night tariff, and the new pay rise, are allowing us night drivers to
earn our money much quicker, so we can finish early and go home.
These are their words not mine.
So little do these people know about the cab game, during a recent
telephone conversation with Mr Peter Hulme Cross he had no idea that
there was no cab enforcement team within the City of London.

Private hire touting in the City of London is out of control due to satellite links, and they what to encourage more, as far as I can see the night private hire vehicles already have the pick of the best jobs already outside the restaurants and bars where they use a clipboard for booking and touting jobs.

A legal loophole for touting ,Hope this could be sorted soon by the cab enforcement legal team.

WE at the LCDC and The Cab Enforcement Team feel this will put us back years and turn London into a free for all.

If we let this report see the light of day you have to be on your
guard,be afraid,be very afraid ,ring your union rep, ring the pco, ring
your MP ,because I can see Private Hire Vehicles running the
night-shift, so the 25,000 of us black taxis working earlier’s don’t affect them think again.

  • We was informed then that we was talking rubbish and it would never happen,then some time later a Private Hire Rank appeared on Whitcomb st,we was informed by Luke Howard that it’s not a rank that it is a pick up and drop off point.

See full size image

What followed then was one of the biggest demo’s London has ever seen in Feb 2009 we think this may have stopped the plan for the time being.

  • We have heard Private Hire pick up and drop off bays called many things since.
  • Gold, silver and bronze waiting bay.
  • Private Hire Marshalled Ranks.
  • A new Document that has been found by CAB TRADE NEWS where it clearly states there hidden agenda.
  • On the presentation pages 91,93,94,95.
  • In the document under the heading (clubs),more work needed to introduce more direct lines to legitimate operators or satellite PH operating centres within clubs.
  • We have always been told that the word satellite offices did not exist.
  • The Document is dated 2006.
  • click here to read document

We have now seen in the forthcoming / Taxi & Private Hire Consultation paper 2010 were it states that.

The Mayor, through TfL, and working with the London boroughs and other stakeholders will support improvements to private hire services (especially minicabs) through the following:

  • Initiatives that deliver further the success of the Safer Travel at Night scheme
  1. Provision of facilities to pick up as well as drop off passengers where appropriate

The Mayors proposed ten-year age limit will have a massive detrimental impact on the Licensed Taxi Trade. By 2012 some 7,500 taxis will be forced of the road and if the trade lays down and dies, and let this happen without a fight, it will set in motion a chain of event’s which we have predicted.

Now is this part of TFL`s bigger picture?

With the Licensed Taxi Trade depleted by Boris proposed`s cull who will be there to pick up all the visitors wanting a taxi?

Due to the proposed Mayoral Cab cull the future looks very bleak indeed for us all.

If we fight long and we fight hard from the word go we can stop the chain of event’s from happening. (NO TO TEN YEARS).

Gentleman, the future does not need to be all doom and gloom. We have shown over the past years with the (UTG) that we can fight them, Whitcomb St mini cab rank , PH ranks at Heathrow, and the Killer on the Knowledge demonstrations, that we can come together and unite as one for the common good of the Trade.

If the Mayor decides that he wishes to destroy us in one fall swoop the 300 years of history, and the worlds greatest Taxi Trade, then so be it.

It will be the Mayor that has to face the consequences of his action, and his actions alone.


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2 thoughts on “(TFL’S) The Bigger Picture To kill Us Off.Part Two.

  1. I’m proud to call myself a Licenced London Taxi Driver, and after completing the K, thought I was coming into a trade of camaraderie and mutual respect, unfortunately this is not always the case. Now is the time for the trade organisations to band together and show unity, to carry the fight for our very existence to those who see us as a bunch of self centrered mavericks, who’s priority is always number one. This is the perception we have to address first and foremost, because when we do stand together we can achieve what we set out to do. But we also need to apply ourselves by fighting to improve our service to the travelling public. We need more ranks in areas they are needed, so we can get to and provide a service where touting is ignored by the authority’s in control. The Mayors office spends millions on cycle hire schemes, but cannot organise extra Taxi ranks in areas where illegally parked PHV’s regularly ply for hire

  2. Why did you agree to any age limit 10 or 15 ? The time to fight is now let’s demo now or worse. It is time to let people and especially the mayor to feel our power all cab drivers should be united. As long any vehicle passes its test its fit for the road.
    They are determined to lower our power and create a slow joining of trades between us and the scabs ken has already said that if he wins next scabs will have for hire signs ….
    Let’s show them that this is our city.

    Ps why should I buy a shitty euro 4 Chrysler cab when there are many cleaner ..diesals engines around. Answer they don’t care about the environment they just want us off the road. For all you I will be happy with an age limit guys…just wait till you have bought ur new cab and all cabs have to be euro 6 and.ur cabs worth shit where will u be then…the dole cue ???

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