Well the rank at Abacus as finally arrived after about a 3 year wait and it’s totally in the wrong place its a 2 cab rank only were Abacus needs at least a 6 cab rank.

This seems to me the corporation have chucked us this scrap hoping it will shut us up ,it will certainly keep the touts happy that illegally ply for hire here as the taxis are so far away they will nick the punters before they get a chance to approach the cab on point.I’m all for new ranks being appointed but the trouble is if there not sited properly they wont get used this as been a problem in the past.

The touts are not scared of any enforcement at this establishment as the wardens go home at 7.30pm and only work up to 11.30pm on Friday and Saturdays and the police seem to struggle to clamp down on the touting and they say they can’t enforce the double yellows, but the City Of London web site says different “The City of London Police may observe a contravention which they consider should be enforced. In these circumstances, the Police Officer will prepare a witness statement which will be passed to the City of London for enforcement. A PCN will then be issued to registered keeper of the vehicle. Photographs of the vehicle committing the contravention will not be available in these circumstances”.

So if the wardens are tucked up in bed why ain’t the police up holding the law and issuing tickets en masse to the scabs parked on the double yellows situated outside ABACUS.

The only reason I can see why they have put us so far back is to use the zig zags to stop us over ranking.

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  1. Once again the city of london have shown they view the taxi trade as scum.I feel the time has come to ask if they are earning there wages they get from the corperation.If this not the case, why is they turn a blind eye to these touts and law breakers

  2. Dear Metromatt was it you I heard moaning the other night as you were taking one up the exhaust pipe. While a “nice” tout who couldn’t speak very good Engllish took a city gent to Brentwood. ?????

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