This week sees the introduction of two new No Left Turns .                                                     

The first one is Marchmont St into Cartwright gardens

The Marchmont Street junction with Tavistock Place is a busy junction in a vibrant shopping area.
   It lies on one of the key pedestrian routes between Kings Cross / St. Pancras International stations and the heart of Bloomsbury and is used by high numbers of tourists, commuters, visitors and residents.

 A two-way segregated cycle lane which runs through the junction along the north side of Tavistock Place is also regularly used by a large number of cyclists.The existing layout at the junction is complicated and confusing for many users;these problems will increase during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, when it’s likely that significantly more people will visit or pass through the area.

In response to concerns raised about this junction, we are proposing to simplify and improve it for all users, particularly for pedestrians.

And the second one is Orchard St into Oxford St which as probably been put into place to coincide with tho Oxford st closures

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4 thoughts on “NEW NO LEFT TURN’S

  1. Im a London taxi driver,the new no left turn into Marchmont st,have you though about the major problems this is gonna cause taxi drivers getting passengers to Kings Cross and St Pancras,Marbledon place is the only right turn into Euston road,

  2. It seems to me that the cosultation of this no left turn to the taxi trade was laughable at best , there would be an easy way to keep both parties happy and that is to turn the bottom part of marchmont st around from a one way south to a one way north .

  3. Once again Camden Council cocking up the Streets of London. If your coming from the South West of Bloomsbury,wanting to get to St Pancras INTERNATIONAL Stn find another way. This is all because Cyclist do not want to stop a the red light at the junction (as usual). They put a cycle lane all the way down Tavistock Place. Do cyclist use it? NO. Tell them there’s a Cycle lane for thier benifit, GET TOLD TO F…Off. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE CAMDEN COUNCIL & TFL………..

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