After the meeting last week with the Corporation Of London / TFL / LTPH /City Of London Police, the LCDC put forward several proposals to resolve the ongoing problems in the City.

We asked for the taxi rank at Abacus to be extended to hold 6 taxis which would take us to the front door. Also we informed them that the LCDC would be using our own taxi security marshals ( ie: Nobu) to assist the drivers and public alike.

Unfortunately, today we have recieved their reply from Helen Chapman.

Therefore they have left us with no other choice than to hold our demonstration. I look forward to seeing you all there:


As discussed, there are several reasons why the Corporation feel they are unable to relocate the rank to directly outside Abacus on Cornhill. These include the fact that it is on the route of the number 25 ‘bendy-bus’ and it is a priority route for oversize vehicles. Also, the traffic island has been located at a place convenient to meet the needs of pedestrians crossing Cornhill.

However, Joe has confirmed that he will the Cab Ranks Committee so that he can handle concerns and queries personally regarding this matter.

On a separate note, as I am sure you are aware, our position on demonstrations is that they are completely unnecessary and cause significant, unnecessary disruption to London’s transport network and the public in general. We would encourage you and other driver associations not to take such action and continue to engage with TfL and other relevant bodies in productive and meaningful discussions.

Minicab driver arrested after indecent exposure in Barnet

A MINICAB driver is set to appear in court next week accused of exposing himself to two teenage female passengers.

One of the passengers in the cab noticed the 30-year-old had exposed himself as he drove them from a party in East Barnet to their home in Hampstead Garden Suburb on Saturday.

She texted her friend in the back to tell her about it, without alerting the driver, and the pair asked him to pull over at a petrol station so they could get money out.

However, both girls decided to get back in the cab to get more details about the driver before they arrived home.

A man was later arrested by police and charged with indecent exposure and is due to appear at Hendon Magistrates Court next Monday, March 28.

story taken from barnet times 

The London Taxi Company announces Euro V strategy

The London Taxi Company announces Euro V strategy

The London Taxi Company has today announced its strategy to introduce Euro V compliant engines. Like all automotive manufacturers, The London Taxi Company has to introduce a Euro V compliant engine and this is planned for launch in January 2012. Euro V compliance will be achieved through modifications to the current VM Motori engine, and will be the only change made to the new model line up of TX4 Style and Elegance already in the showrooms.

Euro V is all about the reduction of particulates and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) through the tail pipe. To achieve this The London Taxi Company have worked with their partners VM to modify the exhaust and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) aspects of the existing VM Motori engine. There are no other body or specification changes being made to the vehicle. It is anticipated that the introduction of Euro V engines will increase the vehicle’s price. The current London Taxi Company TX4 range starts at only £28,995 on the road.

In London all new vehicles registered after April 2012 must be Euro V compliant, however vehicles with Euro IV engines registered before April 2012 will be able to operate without modification for 15 years in line with the Mayor’s recent Air Quality Strategy announcement.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Rob Laidler said “We’re announcing our strategy for the introduction of Euro V today, so that drivers and owners understand our plans for the future. We recently made a radical change to our model range with the removal of Bronze, Silver and Gold, and the introduction of Style and Elegance models from only £28,995. When we introduce the Euro V engine next year it will be the only change to the vehicle. There won’t be any other specification or mechanical differences.”


Regarding the impending ” Rank At The Bank” demonstration, I would like to offer a open invitation to every licensed taxi driver who is as concerned as we are at the LCDC about the situation within the square mile.
Grant Davis


Today, 17th March, the members of the LCDC Committee was requested to atend a meeting at Palestra to discuss our forthcoming demonstration.
In attendence were TFL, City Of London Police, Corporation Of London, LTPH representatives.
The LCDC highlighted the problems we are experiencing night after night in the square mile, and the shortcomings of the relevant authorities.
We highlighted in particular, the massive problems at Abacus, and have put forward to the Corporation, and also the police, a solution to this major bone of contention to us in the Cab trade.


The City of London Corporation has held the Licensed Cab Trade with utter contempt for many year’s , but the situation within the square mile has deteriorated so bad that the London Cab Drivers Club have been left no option, but to take Action.

We know the situation within Westminster is bad, but the square mile has become out of control and a free for all.

Operators that run a Minicab services from inside all late night venues within the City Of London, are acting with impunity with no threat from legal action from the City Of London Police or the corporation and London Taxi And Private Hire (LTPH) because the City of London corporation have no parking enforcement after 11 o’clock at night, so that Minicab touts and Sexual Predators can work without the threat of arrest.

The City of London’s New Cab Enforcement Teams are not making any in road’s in stopping the TOUTS and SEXUAL PREDATORS operating in the City Of London, we now have learned that it was the City Of London Police who had the great idea to ask Diamond cars ( that operate the satellite office at Abacus on Cornhill ) to wear the light blue high viz jackets. So wait for it, they, the City of London police can now tell who is a “LEGAL TOUT”…and who is a “ILLEGAL TOUT”……

So now we have the proof that what we at the LCDC, and the trade, have been saying for years that satellite Offices create a breeding ground for SEXUAL PREDATORS and TOUTS to run and disguise themselves as the minicab drivers that are employed by minicab satellite operators at all late night venues in the Capital.

The LCDC have attended many meetings with (LT&PH) and stated that the cars and drivers of all operators should be based at their main minicab office and they should only be allowed to leave the office and pick up a pre booked passenger after a booking has been made by a member of the public on their phone.

Operators that have their Minicabs parked outside all late night venues in the Square mile, parked on double yellow lines and red routes, with all their cars Ranking up and Plying for Hire, their drivers and senior booking clerks (clipboard Johnnie) are all wearing high visible jackets standing outside on the pavement. this is Ilegal and is confusing the traveling public, and creating a Breeding ground for SEXUAL PREDATORS no wonder rapes are up 54%.

With all this going on, The City Of London Police found time to arrest licensed Taxi Drivers for over ranking at Liverpool Street Station and Fenchurch Street Station ( Operation Pashmina ) and took them to court under Old Hackney Carriage laws .They are eager to give a PCN to all hard working Taxis Drivers who stop for a toilet or a cup of tea , or just dropping off at St Paul’s Cathedral and when the Licensed Taxi trade have the audacity to ask for a Rank outside Abacus a bar in the City the City of London, they give us a rank which even the head of LTPH called ” not fit for purpose”. And just when we thought the City was coming on side and working with the trade, they then give us a two cab rank so far away from the door that the touts can operate their 5 car rolling rank in front of us without no threat of any action being taken.

To top it off one of our members watched in disbelief last week as two City Of London Police Offices walked past a line of Minicab’s ranked up outside Abacus in the City Of London, and when he asked them why they did not give the Minicab touts a ticket or move them on,the response he got was shocking, the PC replied that they are not a priority, someone getting their head kick in was because it was turning out time, when the driver pointed out that it was only ten o’clock and that Abacus did not shut until the early hours of the next morning, the PC said that someone getting their head kick in was more important, when the licensed Taxi Driver then informed the PC that Sexual Assaults was up by 54% and that one of the mini cab drivers parked outside Abacus COULD be a Sexual Predator the City Of London Police Officer replied that a black cab driver was a rapist and maybe he should pull him over and check him out! what a disgrace.Then to insinuate that he was a rapist just because he had asked the PC to do his job , this was a total insult not only me, but to all London’s Licensed Taxicab drivers.

Sexual Assaults are up by 54% all over London, The London Cab Drivers Club are now asking for all licensed Taxi Drivers to join the DEMO that we have called at Bank Junction on WED 30th of March at 2pm. Whatever organisation you belong to, the badge that you wear around your neck should be enough to bind us together. This is ALL OUR PROBLEM.


Guidance for the drivers of private hire vehicles:Plying for hire and touting

  Only a licensed taxi (‘black cab’) may ply for hire. PHV drivers are,
NOT allowed to ply for hire. The following guidelines are issued to assist private hire drivers in their understanding of what they may and may not do. 1. You 

 must not  draw attention to yourself as being available for hire. Any act or gesture accompanied by a conversation with a member of the public suggesting you are available for hire without a prior booking from your licensed operator is unlawful. This applies whether you are in your vehicle or not 
2. If you are approached by a potential passenger, whether you are sat in your vehicle or otherwise, you must direct the passenger towards your licensed operator’s office to make the booking there in person or you may
 hand out a business card bearing the telephone number of your licensed operator, so the person can telephone the operator to make the booking.
 3. You must not
 accept bookings from anyone other than your licensed operator.
 4. You are NOT  to allow any passenger to enter your vehicle without first having received a booking from your licensed operator.
5. Any vehicle movement with a passenger on board without a booking allocated by a licensed operator is illegal
 6. You must wear your PCO badge at all times whilst working in order to identify yourself as a licensed driver.Drivers that are also licensed as PHV operators should pay close attention to PCO Notice 41/08 that provides guidance for licensed operators.Any PHV driver plying for hire or accepting fares that have not been booked through a licensed operator is committing an offence that may result in a fine and the loss of their PHV driver’s licence. 
Mary Dowdye
1 December 2008 Head of Standards and Regulations


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