Guidance for the drivers of private hire vehicles:Plying for hire and touting

  Only a licensed taxi (‘black cab’) may ply for hire. PHV drivers are,
NOT allowed to ply for hire. The following guidelines are issued to assist private hire drivers in their understanding of what they may and may not do. 1. You 

 must not  draw attention to yourself as being available for hire. Any act or gesture accompanied by a conversation with a member of the public suggesting you are available for hire without a prior booking from your licensed operator is unlawful. This applies whether you are in your vehicle or not 
2. If you are approached by a potential passenger, whether you are sat in your vehicle or otherwise, you must direct the passenger towards your licensed operator’s office to make the booking there in person or you may
 hand out a business card bearing the telephone number of your licensed operator, so the person can telephone the operator to make the booking.
 3. You must not
 accept bookings from anyone other than your licensed operator.
 4. You are NOT  to allow any passenger to enter your vehicle without first having received a booking from your licensed operator.
5. Any vehicle movement with a passenger on board without a booking allocated by a licensed operator is illegal
 6. You must wear your PCO badge at all times whilst working in order to identify yourself as a licensed driver.Drivers that are also licensed as PHV operators should pay close attention to PCO Notice 41/08 that provides guidance for licensed operators.Any PHV driver plying for hire or accepting fares that have not been booked through a licensed operator is committing an offence that may result in a fine and the loss of their PHV driver’s licence. 
Mary Dowdye
1 December 2008 Head of Standards and Regulations


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One thought on “PCO NOTICE 42/08

  1. Yeah,that’ll show them!


    Truly pathetic action by pco (or whatever they’re called now) we as cabbys are being let down by everyone.

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