Today, 17th March, the members of the LCDC Committee was requested to atend a meeting at Palestra to discuss our forthcoming demonstration.
In attendence were TFL, City Of London Police, Corporation Of London, LTPH representatives.
The LCDC highlighted the problems we are experiencing night after night in the square mile, and the shortcomings of the relevant authorities.
We highlighted in particular, the massive problems at Abacus, and have put forward to the Corporation, and also the police, a solution to this major bone of contention to us in the Cab trade.

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  1. You say you’ve offered a solution to the City Corporation and police. What is the solution you have offered, and what has been their response, if any.

    If there is a likelihood that your solution is accepted in time, will the demo be called off?

    • Hi Michael,
      At the meeting with the Corporation Of london / City Of London Police / LTPH / TFL /
      We put forward the proposals that every Venue with a satellite office must have a licensed taxi rank outside. All Ph vehicles must not be allowed to rank outside.
      The rank at Abacus be extended to 6 taxis and that the LCDC would bring back the Security marshals we employed at Nobu with such success to stop any intimidation by the ilegal touts.
      It is worth pointing out that the City Of London Police welcomed our proposals at the meeting.

  2. We should demand a Taxi rank outside the door of every late drinking
    establishment in the city(Nothing less will do)
    It should be part of the licensing/Planning permission of all licensed premises.

  3. I agree Neil, if we are to have any chance at all, we need to be in a physical position to give the public a service.
    I have tried to get on the rank myself and the cars are sitting on it.!
    Why is everything so hard.

  4. Grant, I see the dregs on other blogs are saying the yellow badges are coming to get you.
    Me and my son who has just got his GREEN badge after 3 years hard slog will be there and we will back you up all the way matey.
    As we sing down at Millwall…..” let `em come let `em come”

    If yellow badge drivers want to come in town and argue the toss about them working in town, then come on down.
    See you at the Bank Junction

  6. I read on the Arsehole Shelter that the Chairman was going to bottle turning up at the demo because the yellow badges were coming for him.
    Unfortunately for them I saw Grant Davis there…..
    What a bunch of total pricks.!
    The Chairman has more bollocks than all of them put together

    • Louie, your wrong mate it`s not the arsehole shelter, its the
      Anonymous shelter….where all the sadoes who aint got the
      balls to say things to peoples faces can be brave.
      I was at the demo on Weds and saw guys with all different trade
      colours on, they are the real deal, not nameless pricks…

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