One Less Tout Not Working For A While!!

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4 thoughts on “One Less Tout Not Working For A While!!

  1. When the identifiers come in their will be a few less of our own ( yellow badge), so called, in town too.

    Anderson Shelter are very selective on what they publish on their blog about yellow touts. The Anderson blog refused to post my input ( below). Why, because it hit the mark?

    “The membership growth area for the UCG, RMT and LTDF is yellow badge members that is why the UCG, LTDF, RMT and Anderson are encouraging all of this antipathy to identifiers.

    Greens go and ask the RMT and the UCG to give you a breakdown ratio of yellow to green members and see what reply you get!!

    Yellow sector knowledge has been a back, door illegal infiltration into green badge areas. Not only illegal, they are using the RMT, UGC and LTDF to help them gain hire rights in, one time, green badge only areas, and their areas hire rights and aims are widening.

    Mr Yellow Badge is driving a black cab. So Mr Yellow thinks that when he touts that makes it a different ‘type’ of touting to a PH tout. Well it isn’t and doesn’t. They are not a better class of tout than a minicab tout. And if they can get a legal right to an inner area that does not mean an acceptance, to me, that this is better than a Ph operation. It is all UNFAIR competition to a full London knowledge badge owner

    UCG, LTDF, RMT and a lot of contributors to this blog have a yellow agenda.

    I urge green badges to give a wide birth to the UCG, the RMT and the LTDF.

    Wake up greens and understand what these snaky orgs / forums are about. They have a large yellow badge membership. Think on that before you support this hidden yellow agenda [on the Anderson and the LTDF].

    From a Green Badge Cabby who knows the score.

    Ps watch the yellows scream at this post.
    Stand up greens, and be counted!!”

    • To add to my post above.

      The Anderson just snoop on who is posting. Once snooped they vet the posts. Here is the proof:

      Editorial Staff [Anderson Blog] said…
      To the RMT member anon
      Please be advised this blog is independent.
      We have posts on hear from LCDC members LTDA members and even the secretary of Unite has posted on here.

      We are only told that the majority of the trade are in favour by two club members who have posted more than one comment each.

      Please be aware that when you post a comment on this blog, with the tracking program we use, you leave an ip address footprint.

      Jason B moderator
      11/06/2011 14:42

      Jason B moderator you say the blog is independent but what does that mean, it means nothing. I will take a bet that unless a post is much to much offensive criticism of the Club, Unit and the LTDA will get an airing.

      You say that Club posters have posted more than once on this issue, so what. I am more that sure bloggers who support the Anderson take on an issue have posted more than more than once and their extra posts are accepted with out complaint by you. Don’t tell me all those various Steve Mc made up names were not the same person.

      I made one post on this particular issue and it has been censored, why it is not offensive. I am not even in the Club so I am more independent than you so what has happened to my post. You have censored a few of my posts.

      What I am concerned with is that you imply you check up and track ip addresses. Why do you do that? I think that tracking an ip address should only be necessary if the post warrants action i.e. it is of such an order that it falls into criminal arena. But what you are doing is just snooping up on posters.

  2. Spot on U turn Mark
    The Anderson Shelter just shit stirs, no more no less.
    Instead of bringing everyone together, he goes out his way in causing division and trouble.

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