Old Broad Street PCN’s To Be Issued!!


Since the new no entry signs in Old Broad St went up their as been some confusion over are we allowed to enter or not. The LCDC as been in discussions with COL and have been trying to get taxis allowed past the No Entry signs allowing us to drop off.
As we feel this is going to put a lot of strain on a already gridlocked liverpool St making it hard work for taxis with customer to get out onto Bishopsgate .

I have just had a email from Jon Wallace who is the Highways & Traffic Programme Manager on this subject he said” I have discussed Old Broad Street with our traffic office.
Cabs are allowed to proceed as far as the No Motor Vehicles restriction and must drop off before this sign.
If you proceed past this sign you are guilty of a moving traffic violation and will receive a PCN. It has been necessary to introduce this restriction as there was severe disruption to bus movements into/out of the station as a result of taxis (and other vehicles) doing u-turns at the Old Broad Street / Liverpool Street intersection”.

Any Notices issued to date are warnings only. However, the warning period ends this Sunday (24 July) after which proper PCN’s will be issued to any unauthorised vehicle passing the No Motor Vehicle sign.

Jon Wallace
Highways & Traffic Programme Manager

So please let’s get this message out to drivers so we don’t go lining the pockets of the corporation!!

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5 thoughts on “Old Broad Street PCN’s To Be Issued!!

  1. i got a ticket! will pay if I have to, bur did not go through no entry sign. I was asked to drop off at liverpool street lul. Am I guilty?

  2. All I want to know is should I tell a passenger that I cannot go into Old Broad Street – for fear of a a FPN – or am I allowed access provided I do not pass through No Entry Sign?

  3. Where are the signs? I didn’t see them! I passed into Old Broad street as London Wall/Wormwood Street was gridlocked – passenger insisted on ‘Liverpool Street” so I took him to the LU Station I didn’t go through no entry (I did not pass go I did not collect 200)

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