4 thoughts on “JULY’S BADGE…

  1. I cannot wait for the indentifiers to come in. I know about 4 drivers who are yellow badges and live near me, but I see them at Euston / Padd / Waterloo etc etc…..
    May I suggest that the Club puts on the front page of the Badge
    ” LCDC THe Club with Bollocks”.

    • Well said Wally, these yellow badge drivers have been taking the utmost piss out of us for years, new cabs, big houses, all pretending to be US.
      Bring the I.D badges in ASAP.

  2. a driver said to me in hampstead the other day that there was
    already moody identifiers coming out the same time as the
    legitimate ones.some yellow badges would be prepared to pay
    3 to 5 grand for them.

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