Another Night of Rickshaw Madness

Around ten o’clock last night, the LCDC started to receive information about a serious accident which involved a rickshaw rider and his passenger at the Waterloo round about by the IMAX cinema, where she had been thrown from the rickshaw as the driver tried to navigate round the roundabout, the young woman in question suffered serious head injuries’ and was knocked unconscious.

The emergency services was called to the scene, and a total of three ambulances and a police car was in attendance, the young woman was then rushed to hospital, to be kept under observation for the night.

This is the main reason the LCDC opposed the bill in parliament.

We view rickshaws like most people who work and live in the capital to be the most dangerous form of travel in these modern times.

The LCDC will continue to fight the rickshaw bill in parliament and any governing body that tries to legitimise these death traps.

Is the Mayor of London waiting for someone to die ?


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3 thoughts on “Another Night of Rickshaw Madness

  1. should anyone be surprised – not really.These parasites/vermin are out on the streets day after day night after night .these pests have no concern for the rules of the road ,safety of pedestrians or the fools who decide to take aride on one of these death traps who seem to be more than happy to put their lives in the hands of one of these diseased parasites-because parasites love humans.the fools who ride on these death traps sometimes with children ride them so they can have a fag/ it wont be a surprise at not least to me when there will be a death related to one of these what do we do-because boris loves them as do the police,do we try a hard hitting campagne against the use of these parasites somehow that wont happen,i know that scrap metal is at a reasonable price ,send in the grab lorrys -that way you terminate the source.

    • After attending a meeting with the Mayor on Tuesday, I am very pleased to report that he seems to have lost patience with the rickshaw menace and will be working to get these death traps banned from the streets of the Capital.

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