Old Broad St Important Update!!


Finally we seem to have a answer to the mystery over Old Broad street and the confusing signage.
After many emails to the COL(corporation of London ) the LCDC can hopefully clear up where we can drop off in Old Broad Street.

This is hopefully the last email on this matter, reply from Jon Wallace who is the Highways and Traffic Manager for the Square mile

There are two sets of No Motor Vehicles signs on Old Broad Street. The first one that you would encounter at the southern end of the street has an “Except for Buses and Loading” supplementary sign. The second No Motor Vehicles sign has an “Except for Buses and Loading by Lorry” supplementary sign. The intention is that it is only the area controlled by the “Except for Buses and Loading by Lorry” sign will be enforced for taxis. This means that you will be able to travel as far north as Broad Street Avenue.
In the event that your passenger has limited mobility or heavy baggage, closer access can be achieved via the Primrose Street station access.

I hope this clarifies the position

Hope that’s finally cleared up this very confusing matter.

So we can get into New Broad Street, Dashwood House and drop off.
But do NOT go past the second sign which is shown above as a PCN will be issued!!

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3 thoughts on “Old Broad St Important Update!!

  1. Hi i have just received a, p.c.n. from city of london by cctv contravening the parking regulation in mtc old broad st.i have been a cab driver for 26 years and have been driving down old broad st for aslong and have been confused as to where i can drop of!,Of course your notes have cleared this up, but dont you think its unfair to have to pay a p.c.n. when none of us have under stood the signage untill now? and do you think there is away that i would be able to contest this successfully?
    peter waldren

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