Boris has lost patience with rickshaws.

The London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC) have always stated that they will never support Rickshaws being licensed on the streets of the capital in any shape or form.

This is why the (LCDC) with the help of Simon Hughes the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and our parliamentary Agent, turned up in parliament in mid July to make sure the London Local Authority & Transport for London (No.2) Bill was objected to at the second Reading .

Grant Davis the chairman of the (LCDC) attended a meeting with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson on Tuesday.

At that meeting Grant told the Mayor that the (LCDC) opposed the bill because we could not stand by and see Rickshaws licensed on a voluntary basis and be given ranks to Ply for Hire from.

He also stated that with the Olympics coming Rickshaw numbers will increase Ten fold and the consequences will be more congestion which in turn will cause more pollution in the capital.

And he is now very pleased to report that Boris seems to have lost patience with the rickshaw menace and will be working to get these death traps banned from the streets of the Capital.

The (LCDC) will continue to fight on this issue to defend the licensed taxi trade against this attack on our livelihoods, and for the safety of the traveling public.

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2 thoughts on “Boris has lost patience with rickshaws.

  1. Well done Grant and the LCDC, these things are DEATH TRAPS and HAZARDS to the evacuation of premises in the event of a bomb or other threat.

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