Free online valuation with The London Taxi Company

The London Taxi Company has launched a newFREEonline service to help customers get the true part-exchange value of their vehicles, quicker, slicker and easier than ever before!

Owners can now find out their taxi’s value, in just a few short clicks by visiting the leading manufacturer’s website at Customers can complete a short form, which is then sent directly to the nearest London Taxi Company dealership and a valuation prepared and relayed back to the customer, by a member of the company’s experienced sales team.

Commenting on the continually evolving website, International Market Development Director, Matthew Cheyne said: “This is another great demonstration of the benefits of dealing direct with The London Taxi Company.

“We’ve already proved this with the pricing of our new model range, TX4 Style and TX4 Elegance, from £29,995 on the road. Not only is this our lowest priced TX range for more than a decade, but for the first time in years, it means that you can buy a brand new automatic transmission TX4 for less than £30,000!

“The next biggest message for us is to reinforce to our customers is that we have also reviewed our used and part-exchange pricing too. In fact, we’re confident that our part-exchange prices have never been better! More and more customers are finding out every day the benefits of dealing direct with us for themselves, and initiatives like this help us to spread the word even further.”

To find out more about the free valuation service, visit or alternatively, contact your local dealer direct!

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One thought on “Free online valuation with The London Taxi Company

  1. Only Fools Rush in ! Same ( or worse) old shit, new name. THE BEST ADVERT FOR A MERCEDES VITO IS A NEW TX4. From a prick who just bought another TX4 because they look more like a traditional taxi and thought they may have improved. If you get a new TX4 be prepared for the same level of non-customer care and incompetence that you should be used to. To get your concerns delt with more quickly however ask to deal with Trevor Hattersley who is based in Coventry his personal email is

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