L.C.D.C ORN Lanes Solution


We at the London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC) fully understand the pressures to deliver an outstanding Olympics for everyone to enjoy but on the same note we still have to earn a living. We feel that the current idea being proposed by some for a fare increase during the Olympics is totally unacceptable. we do not want to be seen as profiteering from the games, and with an estimated 2 million tourist coming to London we have no wish for them to go home and tell everyone that the taxis are fantastic, but to expensive. So when you visit London use another form of transport.

The agreement on the Olympic Route Network Lane’s (ORN) contract debacle was signed off by our old friend Ken Livingstone. This was part and parcel of the tendering process to bid for the Olympics. This we believe all steamed from the Olympic Games that was held at Atlanta City USA, where the athletes and Officials missed their events due to getting stuck in traffic and therefore any tendering process after Atlanta had to include a lane which was set aside for just athletes, and officials.

In London we know there are “Rush Hours” at certain times of the day when traffic levels are at their peak. In all honesty we would like to be able to use these lanes 24/7 but if this is just not acceptable to the Olympic Committee, We at the LCDC therefore are putting forward to TFL / LOCOG our proposals to allow the licensed taxi trade to enter the ORN lanes at certain times of the day, Or maybe have set times for us to enter the lanes?. We realise that the Olympics needs to run smoothly to be a success, and we in the licensed taxi trade want to help make it a success. So maybe it is time for TFL / LOCOG to listen to our proposals.



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4 thoughts on “L.C.D.C ORN Lanes Solution

  1. It not a ideal situation for all concerned but you have explained it very well,lets hope we can sort this out and look forward to the games .

  2. Why cant we use them at all times, we are not asking for their use as parking lanes we just like the athletes want to get to and from the games arenas or other destinations as quick as possible, letting licensed taxi use these lanes will not create traffic jams, apart from the odd customer wanting to be set down along one, but how much of a delay would that create. I will not be working during the games and that is because of these restrictions. Dont expect me to help the games if the games will not help me

  3. Are you listening to me?
    I said that Grant is a crap actor…who watches eastenders anyway, I dont, I`m to busy drinking by 7pm.

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