TFL to License TX Model TAXI for PH use in London

The licensing authority within London Taxi and Private Hire (LT&PH) has licensed Three hundred TX 2′s and TX 4′s for Private Hire Use in London, they can now pick up at all London’s railway stations, and Heathrow airport, and all of London’s top hotel’s If pre booked .

The new stance taken by the head of The licensing authority at (LT&PH) as got all leading rape and safety awareness groups up in arms, because they are trying to protect lone woman at night, and are trying to educate them into not getting into a vehicle’s that look’s like a TAXI.

They are saying that a traditional black cab (TAXI), can’t be a Private Hire Car because a rapist, or a Tout could have one, and confuse the public.

Rapes and sexual assaults are up in London by 54% , and The licensing authority within (LT&PH) as now licensed a black cab (TAXI) TX 2 as a MINI-CAB.

If this really happened? there would be murders, but please take some time to look at this Vehicle.

It is a Mercedes VITO which in now a (TAXI) and is used by the Private Hire as a MINI – CAB ,but the (LT&PH) see fit to License this has a Private Hire Vehicle,

Chapter 34 of the 1998 Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act) clearly states:

(A) that the vehicle


When (LT&PH) was asked in a compliance meeting would they license a TX2 or a TX4 for Private Hire use if the hire light and the plate on the back had been removed, their response was definitely not because it is a Taxi, so why can’t these’s so-called intelligent people running our licensing department see the comparison’s between the two sets of vehicles licensed in the capital.

It has now becomes clear that LT&PH don’t hold the same fears for the travelling public in London.
LT&PH had a golden opportunity when they held a Private Hire Consultation recently to address this serious situation and other major problems within the private hire industry.

LT&PH could have taken a number of steps to insure public safety in London.
1. They could have introduced a colour coded scheme were all taxis are black and all PH vehicles become silver. This I believe would have been a massive upheaval for all concerned.

2. There is now roughly 1200 Vito’s and 800 Viano’s licensed for private hire use in London, they could phase out 2000 vehicles over a couple of years without too much financial loss to those concerned.

With sexual assaults at a high in the capital, LT&PH should have used the PH Consultation more constructively, with their outcome with regards to the Vito Taxi in London, we accept that the Vito Taxi as many different appearance’s to the Vito PH but has the law state’s in the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 Is not of such design.

It certainly is of the same design a VITO is a VITO be it a van a six seater or a Taxi.
There are more Vito Taxis licensed to ply for hire in London then the Vito six seater’s licensed for PH use in London.

There is Legal legislation to prevent this from happening, lets hope the head of (LT&PH) can see common sense, and use Their legal right to stop this madness continuing.

I have heard from the London Private Hire industry that it would be a restriction of trade, if they could not drive a Vito as a MINI-CAB.

How confused would the public be if Addison Lee was to buy 3000 black Mercedes Vitos and Vianos, LTPH are once again sending out very confusing siganals this could even leave the door open for Addison Lee to drive a TX

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2 thoughts on “TFL to License TX Model TAXI for PH use in London

  1. It is quite clear that for some time the blurring of taxis and Ph has been increasing. It is wrong however to blame the Vito. This all started with the intro of ads and the relaxing of colour allowed for taxis. I have long held the view that this trade needs re branding and this could be done fairly cheaply. The vinyl used to wrap vehicles in hideous ads could be used to apply a trade marked design to the roof of every Taxi in London. It could not then be copied and the public could spot a real official cab very easily. We should look at words and designs to use that could be trade marked thus preventing the dilution suffered for the last thirty years

  2. Mr Jupp is right. Google Barcelona taxis. Any vehicle you like as long as it Carries the city livery. Time to adopt the same approach and have a city city livery for London and make the difference crystal clear to all.

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