TFL And Mayor Seeks Taxi Sponsors

Transport for London and London Mayor seek sponsor for London Taxi emissions overhaul strategy
The Mayor and TFL are looking for a Major Sponsor for the new Euro 5 taxis

Transport for London has begun a search for a sponsor to partner in the creation of a Cleaner Taxi fund, which will subsidise the replacement of new Euro 5 compliant London taxis.

Following the implementation of the Air Quality Strategy, London Mayor Boris Johnson aims to reduce air pollution and harmful emissions within the city over a two-year-period.
This will see London taxis switch to purchasing new Euro 5 taxis, which produce less emissions, with the aid of subsidisation as a 15 year age limit is introduced on the vehicles.

A chosen sponsor will be given high visible exposure to tens of millions of residents within the city with exclusive rights to place their branding on the 350 new taxis, as well as having naming rights of the scheme and a joint launch of the scheme.

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4 thoughts on “TFL And Mayor Seeks Taxi Sponsors

  1. What about the Heathrow Express? all those dopey bastards take the money and advertise our competitors antway, greedy tossers!
    What about AddiLee on the sides of cabs?

  2. What about all those drivers on Dial-a-cab or rtg?
    they could advertise…
    ” book a car the concierge way ”
    “one transport, one cabby, one mug! “

    • louie, louie, thats spot on mate.
      what about if they advertise minicab numbers on the
      side of their cabs.?
      Like the twat that had the cockney w…ker Viz advert on his taxi, what a grade A C..t.!

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