More Evidence of Negligence by STaN ?

A private hire cab driver was ordered to pay out more than £2,000 by Milton Keynes Magistrates Court on Tuesday, October 18, after being found guilty of picking up passengers without a pre-booked appointment.

Kamran Tahir, 26, of Flint Close, Luton, was found guilty in his absence of plying for hire – private hire vehicles can only pick up passengers by prior appointment – an act which also invalidated his car insurance.

Magistrates found him guilty in his absence and fined him £300 for plying for hire, £525 for driving without valid insurance adding six penalty points to his driving licence, and awarded costs of £1621.27 to Milton Keynes Council.

The court heard how on September 5 last year at just before 1am enforcement officers for Milton Keynes Council witnessed Mr Tahir pick up passengers from the Theatre District in central Milton Keynes.

The vehicle was displaying Speedline door signs and plate number 219 issued by South Northants Council.

A printout was obtained from Speedline for plate number 219, Kamran Tahir, which revealed he had no jobs allocated for the Theatre District at the relevant time.

Alan Broomfield, taxi licensing enforcement officer for MKC, said: “This sort of enforcement is ongoing so as to minimise the risks to the public safety when using private hire and hackney vehicles.”

When The London Cab Drivers Club expressed our concerns about Mini-Cabs ranking up and plying for hire in the capital to John Mason Director of London Taxi and Private Hire (LTPH),he informed us that ” our enforcement officers have no legal authority to make an arrest of a private hire driver for ranking up and plying for hire in the capital and it was the failing of Safer Transport Command (STC) for not enforcing these laws”.

But in light of the Milton Keyes case does this give us more evidence of negligence on behalf (STC),(LTPH) and the City of London Police (CoLP) and Transport for London (TFL) all of which are in joint partnership together in the Safer Travel at Night Initiative (STaN), Guilty of failing in their Duty of Care to Protect the Travelling Public in the Capital.

If any Victim of Rape or Sexual assault was attacked as a direct result by a Private Hire Driver that was illegal Ranking up or Plying for Hire outside a late night venue that as been licensed by London Taxi and Private Hire (LT&PH) to Operate a Minicab Booking Centre from inside that venue would leave them open to a Legal challenge of Negligence, for failing in their Duty of Care to protect the travelling Public and not enforcing the law

Also If any victim of rape or sexual assault that was attacked as a direct result by a private hire driver that was illegal ranking up and plying for hire in London could bring a case against Safer Transport Command(STC),and the City of London Police(CoLP) for failing in their Duty of Care to protect the travelling public for not making one single arrest of a Private Hire Driver under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 for Ranking up and Plying for Hire in London in what we belive could stretch back 10 or more years.

The Legal Definition of Negligence.

Conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm. A person has acted negligently if he or she has departed from the conduct expected of a reasonably prudent person acting under similar circumstances.


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One thought on “More Evidence of Negligence by STaN ?

  1. Why can’t they nick touts from all the cameras in Westminster ,if they can issue tickets from them .
    Why can’t enforcement officers do the same in the capital .John Mason Helen Chapman I think it’s time for them to go.

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