London Cab Drivers Club says NO to Olympic fare increase

Below is the statement which the LCDC issued to the media on Friday regarding the proposed Olympic fare increase after reading the Evening Standard.

My name is Grant Davis and I am Chairman of the London Cab Drivers Club.

We attend meetings with TFL / Mayor Johnson / GLA / Met Police /TPH.

Recently we attended a meeting to discuss the upcoming yearly tarriff increase
which is due next April 2012.
At the end of this meeting John Mason ( Director LTPH ) asked if there was any other business?
Bob Oddy and Richard Massett of the LTDA then stated that they would be asking Boris Johnson
for a fare increase at the upcoming Olympics.
Mr Mason said that he would put this forward to the Mayor, I immediately intervened and told
Mr Mason, in no uncertain terms that we at the LCDC were totally against the idea.
This was duly noted by Mr Mason, and not only that, in both the October and November issue of our
newspaper the “Badge” I wrote in my editorial that we would be seen as greedy oppotunists, and
seriously damage the reputation of the Worlds best taxi service.
Yours Sincerely
Grant Davis
Chairman LCDC
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