Who Signed the Original Agreement Ken?


London’s 25,000 back cab drivers should be allowed to use the “Zil lanes” reserved for official Olympic traffic, Ken Livingstone said today.

Labour’s mayoral candidate called on Mayor Boris Johnson to reconsider the ban on cabbies using the priority lanes which form a third of the
106-mile 2012 Olympic network.

Mr Livingstone, who will go head-to-head with Mr Johnson in the election six weeks before the Games, said the Tory Mayor “should act now to avoid months of gridlock and millions in lost revenue next summer”.

Taxi drivers have asked the mayor for permission to charge 20 per cent extra for working during the Games.

Taken from the evening standard online 16/11/11

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3 thoughts on “Who Signed the Original Agreement Ken?

  1. Spot on, Livingstone hates the taxi trade. Stop trying to use us as a political pawn it won’t work.
    Now go and crawl under the stone from which you came.

    And as for the standard stop the s*** stirring. We don’t don’t the rise!

  2. I’ll tell you something if Boris don’t get he’s arse into gear ,and sort out mini-cab ranking up and plying for hire,and the Olympic lane farce,sack John mason and Helen Chapman . I’ll be voting for Ken.

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