Addison Lee Aquires Lewis Day

London minicabs giant Addison Lee today bought the passenger cars division of rival Lewis Day, which makes revenues of £18 million a year.

The Evening Standard has learnt the deal, set to complete in two weeks, sees Lewis Day being split up. Its founder, South African Hilton Lewis, sold the company’s courier division to rival
Citysprint and the passenger business to Addison Lee. The transport firm’s total revenues last year were £34 million and it employs 350 staff for its fleet of over 1800 vehicles and 17 offices.
Lewis still owns 70% of the business with his management team owning the rest. Addison Lee would not reveal the value of the deal, but said it would add 10% to its annual turnover of £123 million. Managing director Liam Griffin dismissed any competition implications, saying: “There are 54,000 private-hire operators and 20,000 black cabs in London. We only have 3500 of those

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4 thoughts on “Addison Lee Aquires Lewis Day

  1. I hope all those tosser`s on radio circuits read this and weep.
    We must have the “1 stop shop” the drivers were told by the board of cab drivers in suits.
    All this means is ” we need cars to do YOUR work ”
    Look at Addison Lee suckers, thats a one stop shop, cars, coaches, mini buses, and even a bloody airplane.!
    You drivers have been taken in as SUCKERS!!

  2. Here we go fellas…. the Olympics looming and those very sharp cookies at Al are getting bigger and bigger. Maybe I`ll go for a job interview

    • I remember being on Dial a Cab years ago when Grant Davis and Darryl Cox were trying to stop the ” 1 stop shop ” crap then.
      But unfortunately for the trade in general and Dial a Cab drivers they all fell for the old ” if we don`t book cars…someone else will”
      Radio Circuits R.I.P

  3. i left dial a cab last year after 30 years,it broke my heart but i couldnt be part of a circuit that was giving my work to rice you should be ashamed of what has happened.

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