New, more efficient, CRB process for Taxi Drivers



A new, more efficient, procedure is being introduced for CRB application forms to reduce the processing time for London Taxi and Private Hire driver licensing applications.

From the end of November the umbrella body for the Criminal Records Bureau, TMG CRB, who are established experts in this field will process CRB checks for taxi and private hire applicants on behalf of Transport for London.

As part of the change TMG CRB will offer all drivers the option to complete the CRB application online. However, the traditional method of completing a paper application form will still be available if preferred.

TMG CRB will also provide a dedicated administration team to handle all queries and issues regarding CRB applications. Guidance regarding the forms and further information will be included in the licensing application packs and will also be available on the TMG CRB website. There will be an administration cost of £13.00 for a paper application or £11 for an online application inclusive of VAT.

London Taxi and Private Hire will continue to hold the decision making powers on all licensing applications.

Helen Chapman, Deputy Director of Taxi and Private Hire, said: “I am very pleased to announce a new process for carrying out CRB checks for applicants and I hope that applicants will quickly reap the rewards of a quicker, more efficient application process.”

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