LT&PH to Restrict Suburban Licences in Some Suburban Sectors


LT&PH NOTICE 13/11 FOR 23/11/12

London Taxi Drivers Applications for Suburban licences
The number of licensed suburban taxi drivers has increased significantly in the past ten years and there are now over 3,500 licensed suburban drivers competing for a share of the taxi market in outer London. In recent years, taxi driver associations and a number of individual suburban drivers have raised concerns with TfL regarding the availability of work in suburban areas given the increasing number of licensed drivers. Particular concerns have been raised in relation to sectors in east and south west London.
TfL London Taxi and Private Hire provides prospective applicants with detailed information about the number of drivers, existing Knowledge students and various factors to take into account when considering whether or not to apply for a licence but this has had limited impact on the number of applications.
In the past year, various taxi trade stakeholders have put forward a number of different ideas and suggestions to TfL regarding suburban taxi driver licences and areas. As a result of these representations, we intend to undertake a detailed review of suburban licensing during 2012 which will result in the launch of a trade consultation towards the end of the year.
Given the particularly high number of existing drivers and Knowledge students in the sectors listed below, after 31 January 2012, TfL will not process any new applications received after this date for suburban licences for the following three sectors until this full and detailed review and subsequent consultation has been completed:
Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham and Redbridge Merton and Sutton
Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond upon Thames
Anyone submitting an application for one of these sectors that is received after 31 January will be given the option of having their application put on hold pending the outcome of the review; applying for another suburban sector; or applying for an All London licence.
This decision does not impact in any way any existing licensed driver or those who have already applied for a suburban licence and are in the process of learning the Knowledge of London for one of these sectors. All current
Knowledge students will be allowed to continue their studies and become licensed upon successfully completing the examination process.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns with regards to this matter then please contact us via

John Mason
23 December 2011 Director Taxi and Private Hire

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3 thoughts on “LT&PH to Restrict Suburban Licences in Some Suburban Sectors

  1. It nothing short of a disgrace, what those at the carriage office and tfl has done to the suburban taxi driver. £11.00 in four hours isn’t uncommon at the Wimbledon rank. You’ve ruined people’s lives and families through greed of issuing more licenses. Hope you sleep well knowing what you’ve done to us. Disgusting.

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