Paddington Rank Weekend Closures


The rank on Bishops Bridge will be shut for the next two weekends. As contractors need to build some ramps to the new taxi rank and re-surface Bishop’s Bridge Road before the new taxi rank goes in.

We had several discussions as to how this would be possible but unfortunately they cannot do these works at night. They need to carry out these works this coming weekend (14th and 15th January) and the weekend after (21st and 22nd January).

During this time taxis will need to be relocated since they need to close the westbound lanes on Bishop’s Bridge road where the taxis would rank to get into Departures Road.

During this time, a lane will be coned off for taxis on Eastbourne Terrace. They will be able to rank down nearly the whole of Eastbourne Terrace (to approximately no. 50 Eastbourne Terrace). They will then turn right into Departures Road at a point just before the traffic lights. We will have 4 taxi marshals to control the taxi movements safely.

Taxis wishing to drop off in Departures Road will continue to be able to access the rank as usual from all directions (except Bishop’s Bridge Road westbound which will be closed for the works, but there will be a clear diversion route).

Crossrail have said they will ensure signs go up at several locations to direct drivers to Eastbourne Terrace. They have also said they will print up some leaflets a few days before and give them out to drivers on the bridge.

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