LT&PH Remind Drivers Over Leaving Taxis Unattended On Ranks


LT&PH Release

Use of Taxi Ranks

There have been several complaints regarding taxis being left unattended on taxi ranks – the most recent example being around Victoria Station and the surrounding roads, in particular Gillingham Street.
All taxi drivers are reminded that they must not leave their taxis unattended on a taxi rank. Unattended taxis cause obstructions to other drivers, passengers and road users and can also cause security risks. Transport for London (TfL) works closely with the London boroughs to appoint taxi ranks where road space allows.
Road space is difficult to obtain for taxi ranks and drivers abusing these ranks run the risk that the borough will reallocate the road space for other purposes if it isn’t being used correctly as a working taxi rank.
TfL has specifically been asked by Westminster City Council to inform drivers regarding the unacceptable situation on the taxi feeder rank in Gillingham Street. This rank is the final portion of the taxi ranks serving Victoria Station forecourt and is for three taxis. It is the only space in this street where taxis can legally wait to join the taxi rank on Vauxhall Bridge Road.
Unattended taxis left on this rank cause significant problems for other taxi drivers who then over-rank which, in turn, causes problems for other road users.
All drivers are also reminded that if there is no available space on this taxi rank, for any reason, then drivers should not stop but move on to another taxi rank where space is available.

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