Olympic Lanes for Sale!!!


Corporate Olympic ticket packages costing £20,000 will let fans use VIP lanes in violation of rules By Glen Owen Last updated at 12:46 AM on 12th February 2012 Comments (92) Share Rich businessmen are being offered the chance to ‘buy’ access to VIP road lanes during the London Olympics for £20,000 a head, an undercover investigation has revealed. Companies including High Street travel chain Thomas Cook stand accused of violating Olympic rules by secretly including use of the fast-track routes in corporate packages.

Customers are being warned to keep the offer ‘really quiet’ because ‘people will say you can buy your way on to the lanes’. Controversy: Two companies have been caught offering paid-for access to VIP lanes for travelling to the Olympics The revelations will increase the controversy over ticket allocations for this summer’s Games, amid claims ordinary people have little chance of securing the best seats – and will face travel chaos as VIPs sweep past on dedicated routes.

A total of 39 miles of roads in London will include a special lane that can only be used by 80,000 accredited members of the ‘Olympic family’, including 10,500 athletes. The Mail on Sunday revealed last year that high-tech sensors are buried in the lanes to ensure that red traffic lights will automatically turn green to speed dignitaries to the stadium.

Experts warn that the express routes will bring chaos to the capital’s roads as thousands are forced into clogged bus lanes. Now two companies have been caught apparently offering paid-for access to the VIP lanes

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One thought on “Olympic Lanes for Sale!!!

  1. Oh well, looks like John Griffin will be greasing some palms and buying his way into the lanes. Absolutely scandalous! These Olympic games are really starting to leave a bitter taste, and it hasn’t even started! TfL and the Olympic gang should hang their heads in shame.

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