Taxi and Private Hire night time compliance team boosted


* Night time compliance team doubles in size to help tackle illegal touting and ensure compliance with licensing regulations

Transport for London (TfL) has today (Tuesday 14 February) confirmed that the dedicated London Taxi and Private Hire Compliance Night Team will more than double in size to meet the increasing demands of dealing with the effects of the night time economy. A further nine dedicated night time compliance officers will be recruited, increasing the size of the team to 16 members of staff.

The night compliance team focuses on ensuring that taxi and private hire licensees work within conditions of their licence. This includes ensuring that private hire operators, particularly those licensed within a venue, are taking bookings correctly and keeping accurate records. The team also works closely with the police to tackle illegal touting.

The team are deployed across London every night of the week, with a particular focus on weekends, to compliment the activity undertaken by the regular compliance team. The night team work with an emphasis on intelligence-led activity in response to specific concerns from the taxi and private hire trades.

As well as ensuring that operators are working legally, the compliance team conduct on-street vehicle and driver checks, taxi rank inspections and participate in multi-agency operations in support of TfL’s Safer Travel team.

Helen Chapman, Deputy Director of London Taxi and Private Hire, said: “I have recently assumed temporary responsibility for the compliance team and am delighted to have secured further resources to bolster this team. They do an excellent job and are out there every night to check that licensees, particularly operators within venues, are playing by the rules, working with other agencies to tackle touting and ensuring that drivers and vehicles are safe to carry passengers.”

John Mason, Director of London Taxi and Private Hire, said: “Introducing a permanent dedicated night team in May 2011 has proven very successful. However it quickly became clear that further resources were needed to carry out this important work. When we are ready to recruit a new Head of Compliance I feel satisfied that they will be able to join an already established team all working in the same direction and with the right tools to do the job”.

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