Having done their best to dissuade us from serving the Olympics with their daft traffic schemes and making life a lot more difficult for us to do our job, the authorities now want to make sure we do our job properly.

LTPH enforcement officers are going to be out and about checking taxis to make sure they have all the required equipment for carrying the disabled, such as straps, ramps, etc. They will also be questioning drivers to make sure they are aware of their obligations to disabled passengers.

This is to ensure that we provide a top class service to visitors to the Capital during the Games. They first do all in their power to makes it as hard as possible for us to do our job properly and then they want to make sure that we do the job in the way they have made it impossible to do. Are these the same bunch of hairy people that used to do the PG Tips ads?

What I would like the answer to is this. The taxi trade is largely a self-enforcing trade with very little need for enforcement officers and yet they can find enforcement officers to check this kind of stuff. Meanwhile, there are thousands of PH drivers that don’t even know the rules and laws, far less observe them.

Every night we see Clipboard Johnnies blatantly breaking the law by taking on-the-spot bookings outside venues. At the same venues, we see the PH drivers making illegal ranks and breaking parking rules. Meanwhile, people are hailing black look-alike MPVs that are cruising the street and blatantly plying for hire . Then, we have the majority of PH offices breaking the rules by describing their cars as “cabs”. Yet, no enforcement officers can be found to deal with all this.

Here’s an idea. Instead of using those enforcement officers to police what does not need policing, why not send them out at night where they are desperately needed? Yeah, I know, stupid idea! describing their cars as “cabs”. Yet, no enforcement officers can be found to deal with all this.

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