Griffin instructs his drivers to break the law re: london bus lanes

Letter Sent To All Drivers Of Addison Lee

Dear driver,

The director of Addison Lee plc believes that the current bus lane regulations, which allow London black cabs to use the bus lanes but prohibit private hire from doing so is illegal as it discriminates against private hire operators and drivers who offer a competing taxi service.

We also believe that it denies the public freedom of choice as journey times in the bus lanes are much quicker that those outside the lanes.

Our legal advice in this matter is that bus lane requierments are currently being misinterpreted to exclude PHV’s from bus lanes. Such misinterpretation is unlawful in the following respects.

a. It is in breach of European rules relating to the freedom of establishment and freedom to supply services
b. It infringes the general EU principal of equal treatment.
c. It infringes the English common law principles of equality before the law denies free and fair competition in providing an unfair advantage to one group of commercial operators over others.

Addison lee has sought and been granted a judicial review on this issue which is due to be heard by the end of the year. In the meantime Addison lee believes that we cannot allow our customer to continue to be victims of this unfair discriminatory treatment.

As chairman I can advise you that a lawful interpretation of the bus lane regulations entitles Addison lee drivers with private hire identifies to use all bus lanes in the same way as our competitors. Accordingly you are fully entitles to use the bus lanes.

We can confirm that entry into the bus lanes is not an endorsable offence and that we will indemnify all Addison lee drivers from any fines or other liabilities that may result from using the bus lanes as a result of this advice.

Should any conflict arise between yourself and any black taxi operator please be patient, make a note of any details and use your camera where possible.


John Griffin
Chairman, Addison Lee PLC

8 thoughts on “Griffin instructs his drivers to break the law re: london bus lanes

  1. The Taxi Trades response is quite simple.Stop Griffin NOW
    Or we will instruct all Taxi Drivers to dis-obey the Law and use the Zip Lanes during the

  2. Counsel’s opinion is correct IMO. This is long overdue. Taxi and PH are treated equally in respect of bus lanes throughout the UK. The London anomaly is simply not tenable. And never has been.

  3. Well Mr Griffin it seems with all your millions you are not happy and want to take on the law . I wonder if they tell where to go will you still be donating to the conservatives.
    You have a brain now use it. I do hope you have your licence taken away from you for even thinking of breaking the law.
    I think it is about time you had your arse put in place ,as you always want to takethe piss.
    I hope the Apps are canning you.

  4. Addison Lee are already renouned for having the worst drivers in London. I hardly feel the need encouragement to drive worse……

  5. If Griffin does not retract this letter then TFL should revoke there license. If they do nothing then we will have to blockade the whole of London on grounds that TFL are not enforcing the law.

  6. Does Mr Addison Lee think he is above the law…… watch out Boris he’ll be telling you soon what you can and cannot do.

  7. As soon as TFL licensed private hire it was the thin end of the wedge for the black cabs. Private Hire operators and drivers are paying plenty of money to TFL and getting very little back and I think Addison Lee will win on the grounds that they are being held back offering the public a better service if they cant use bus lanes. At the end of the day its all about taking the paying public from A to B and at the moment its not a fare playing field.

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