The Plot Thickens!!



We at the Club have recieved information from a source within Addison Lee
that Mr John Griffin attended a meeting with Norman Baker ( Parliamentary
Under – Secretary Of State For Transport ) today. Tuesday 17th April.

The very same Mr Baker who went on record as saying about taxis that..
” They drive rather slowly in my experience to keep the clock
ticking over”.

Our information is that the issue of bus lanes was high on the agenda.
We at the LCDC will be applying for a FOI request for this meeting
to find out exactley what was said….and by whom.!


Read what Mr Baker said about the taxi trade in June

A transport minister sparked a storm among black cab drivers today by suggesting some trundle along slowly to rack up fares.

Cycling minister Norman Baker‘s quip was met with anger at the taxi rank. Cab meters add a charge based on time when the speed falls below 10.4mph.

Appearing at the Commons transport committee, the Liberal Democrat was highlighting how his department was seeking to axe unnecessary and ancient legislation.

He told MPs: “I think there is an offence of furious driving which only applies to taxi drivers because they used to be Hackney Carriage drivers, from about 1847.

“I must admit I have not seen any taxi drivers driving furiously; they drive rather slowly in my experience, to keep the clock ticking over.” He later told the Standard: “It was a light-hearted comment which I think some people will see a grain of truth in.”

3 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens!!

  1. My experience of taxi drivers is that they drive like mature gentlemen. Some (only some) minicab drivers act like testosterone junkies. One took me over the top of Brent Cross flyover (speed limit 40 AFAIK) at 70mph early one afternoon. I did not enjoy this!

  2. An utterly stupid comment from someone who must not spend much time outside his private limo. Taxicabs, like most London traffic, are generally constrained by the vehicles around them… a good driver can sometimes slip in and out to gain a minute or two… one who tried to go slower than the flow would be honked and tailgated into the next century!
    –Michael McGettigan, Trophy Bikes Philadelphia (and serial London visitor)

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