IOD Director agrees With Griffin Regarding BusLanes!!


Open up London cab competition, IoD tells TfL

Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors, has today supported taxi firm Addison Lee in its dispute with Transport for London over use of London’s bus lanes:

“Addison Lee are right to say that the ban on their taxis using bus lanes is anti-competitive. TfL has handed black cabs special privileges which give them an unfair advantage over all other taxi firms. A level playing field for all cabs would better serve the interests of passengers and businesses alike. A date must be set for the judicial review as quickly as possible, to avoid this dispute dragging on.”

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2 thoughts on “IOD Director agrees With Griffin Regarding BusLanes!!

  1. Will some one tell this plank that Griffin does not own taxis. He owns a fleet of private hire vehicles. We are taxi’s, he is a minicab

  2. Can someone tell this “genius” that adlee are NOT taxis, they are minicabs.

    Griffin is doing a fine job of trying to blur the lines between them and us and it raises the question at whose behest? Is this the first salvo of the beginnings of the results from the law commissions review? Are we being diverted from the bigger picture here?

    We have griffin having meetings with top level politicos, many are on his side and someone,somewhere would have instigated the whole review. On whose orders?

    All this is happening with just 100 days until the Olympics, is it coincidence or well executed?

    Expect to hear TfL make the right noises but in a muted fashion, if they really meant business they would already have pushed for police intervention and certainly suspended their licence.

    All we are seeing is posturing from TfL but getting the same vacuous diatribe.

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