Addison lee lose review against taxis in bus lanes



High Court rejects Addison Lee’s call for minicabs to use bus lanes

· Judicial Review dismissed as court finds in TfL’s favour
· Court orders Addison Lee to pay TfL’s costs of defending claim

The High Court today (Wednesday 11 July) dismissed Addison Lee’s claim for judicial review of the policy allowing black cabs, but not minicabs, to use the capital’s bus lanes.

Mr Justice Burton described the reasoning behind TfL’s policy as “obvious and compelling”.

TfL explained to the court that taxis are allowed to drive in bus lanes because they can ply for hire, whereas minicabs cannot. It would be more difficult to hail a taxi, especially on a busy road, if the vehicle concerned was not near to the kerb.

Mr Justice Burton agreed, noting in his judgment: “There is to my mind a clear distinction between the need of black cabs (and their passengers and the public) for them to be in the bus lanes, by way of visibility and availability of, and access to, black cabs for those hailing a cruising taxi”. He went on to note: “I consider it makes entire good sense for black cabs to be travelling in bus lanes. Minicabs just do not have the need to use the bus lane, and black cabs do”.

Mr Justice Burton said he was “wholly unpersuaded” by Addison Lee’s claim that TfL’s bus lane policy affected the freedom of EU nationals to establish themselves as minicab drivers and concluded that “this has simply been the attempt to mount a challenge to a London traffic regulation by turning it into a “Euro-point”.”

Leon Daniels, TfL’s Managing Director of Surface Transport, said: “We are pleased that the court has recognised the important distinction between taxis and minicabs and the services they provide. Taxis will continue to use the capital’s bus lanes, enabling them to provide the unique and wheelchair accessible service so valued by many passengers.

“Londoners will doubtless also be pleased to know that the court has ordered Addison Lee to meet TfL’s costs in defending this claim.”

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3 thoughts on “Addison lee lose review against taxis in bus lanes

  1. At last TFL are standing up to this law breaking Mini cab Firm!! Why does Mr Griffin think he is above the law? Maybe some friends in high places have led him down the garden path. Please London public wake up they A/Lee are more expensive to use then a professionally trained Driver who has the Knowledge!! Not a sat Nav. Be safe be sure only use London Taxi!!!

  2. Nice to see the Judiciary reinforcing the distinction between Taxi and Minicab so strongly! Can only be good news for the Law commission review team. Well done TFL for putting Griffin back in his box.

  3. Result.! Griffin thinks his Charlie Big Bollocks
    Thank you LTPH for taking fast action in getting to court with the Injunction.
    Mr Mason…thank you Sir

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