Olympic Update

As requested we have raised various issues on you behalf with the ORN / Olympic traffic teams including:
·         Access to Trafalgar Sq via Charing Cross Road
·         Park Lane (precise definition of what you can / can not do)
·         Access to Whitehall
·         Access to Westminster Bridge
The position as it stands is as follows:
Taxis can access Whitehall if they are picking up or dropping off passengers in Whitehall but it can not be accessed otherwise. Access is via the marshalled checkpoint at Whitehall Place.  
Restrictions on taxis using Westminster Bridge or accessing Trafalgar Sq via Charing Cross can not be relaxed at this point in time.
However, please note I have been give a firm commitment that there will be continuous and extensive reviews of these and all other restrictions such as banned turned, access to nearside games lanes and such restrictions will be lifted if it is possible to do so without compromising games family journey times / safety.
The definitive position on Park Lane is that taxis can drive in and set up and pick down.
I appreciate this may not be what you want to hear but we are informed that there is a significant increase in demand on the network where there restrictions and vital but, as I say, they will be continually reviewed.
I can confirm that a temporary taxi rank for 9 taxis has been appointed in Dover Street on the west side to replace the two suspended taxi ranks on the east side. The temporary rank will be operational between 8:30pm and 6:30am.
We intend to issue a formal TPH Notice about the above and some other issues such as changes to ranks and taxi drivers ignoring a banned turn later today.
Kind regards
John Mason
DirectorLondon Taxi & Private Hire
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One thought on “Olympic Update

  1. I do not beleive a word this man says.
    ! minute he states buses will not be allowed to use the ORN network the next they are as well as sight seeing buses. The only Taxi service ever to be baned from the ORN.

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