Taxi Driver Licence Area Identifiers


LT&PH Press Release

The Cab Order for the taxi driver licence area identifiers came into effect from 1 March 2012. This means that all taxi drivers must display valid All London or Suburban identifiers, depending on the area they are licensed to ply for hire in, whenever they are working.

As has been previously notified, unless there are significant mitigating factors, drivers found working without displaying their area identifiers will face further action. This action will typically be:
A written warning for a first offence;
A period of suspension for a second offence; and Revocation of the licence for a third offence.

To date, a total of 104 written warnings have been issued to drivers found by the TPH Compliance team not displaying both area identifiers while working. A further 8 drivers have so far had their licence suspended for a minimum period of one month.
In addition, further to reports received via the reporting tool at, 73 letters have been sent to drivers advising that a report has been received and reminding them of their obligations to always display the area identifiers whilst working.

Since the area identifiers have been introduced, TfL has been working closely with the police to investigate and follow up instances of licensed and unlicensed drivers using forged area identifiers.
To date, 25 arrests have been made by the police for suspected forged area identifier use. Of these, 16 arrests are for drivers that are licensed to work in Suburban areas but have used forged All London identifiers. The remaining 9 are unlicensed drivers using forged area identifiers. Investigations are also underway into a number of other cases.
TfL takes its obligations as the Licensing Authority very seriously and will not tolerate licensed drivers committing fraud in this way.

Of the 16 arrests so far, 6 drivers have had their licences revoked and the remainder are subject to their fitness to remain licensed being reviewed. Furthermore, any driver that is studying the Knowledge of London to obtain the All London licence will no longer be able to complete these studies.

This is a reminder to all drivers that:
You must display your original identifiers that you were sent by TfL at all times whilst working
You must report to TfL immediately if you need replacement identifiers. Please call 0845 602 7000 or email
TfL will not accept, under any circumstances, the use of forged, stolen or copied identifiers
Your identifiers are your responsibility. You risk losing your licence if you knowingly allow your identifiers to be borrowed or copied

The scheme is not intended to be a scheme for taxi drivers to police each other and drivers should not approach or challenge other drivers who may not be displaying their identifiers This is made clear in the guidance document that each driver received with his/her personal identifiers.

TfL has received a number of reports of Suburban taxi drivers being confronted or abused by All London drivers. Such behaviour is unacceptable and any driver found to be acting in this way risks having his or her fitness to be licensed reviewed.

All drivers are reminded that Suburban drivers can legitimately ply for hire in parts of central London if:
the driver is licensed for one of the two extension areas (maps of the two extension areas are attached);
the driver is plying for hire at a designated ‘island rank’. Island ranks are located in inner London boroughs but all drivers licensed for the specified suburban borough(s) are allowed to ply for hire on these ranks. There are currently six designated island ranks:
– Finsbury Park Bus Station – Haringey drivers
– Garratt Lane (Arndale), Wandsworth – Merton and Sutton drivers
– Garrett Lane (Sainsbury’s), Wandsworth – Merton and Sutton drivers
– Mitcham Road (Tooting Broadway Station) – Merton and Sutton drivers without the Clapham extension
– Wimbledon Park Road (Southfields Station) – Merton and Sutton drivers
– High Street, Putney – Richmond upon Thames drivers

You do have the opportunity to report any allegations of non-compliance via our website at the following address: Information reported will be collated and analysed and, where appropriate, used to determine the deployment of the TPH Compliance team as well as the Metropolitan Police Safer Transport Command Unit and City of London Police.
08 October 2012 John Mason For previous TPH Notices visit Director Taxi and Private Hire

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3 thoughts on “Taxi Driver Licence Area Identifiers

  1. Have just seen the latest issue of the badge. The LCDC have got it spot on. As a ex YB their is no way for a watering down of the knowledge.

    What I can not understand is this onetest for the Clapham ext . has any failed it how can you only have one test and be given Clapham. Now they want this extended. They have been given an inch and have taken a mile and now they’re want more. NO WAY

    • What I don’t understand is the one test for ALL 9 SUBURBAN AREAS!!!
      Each of these requires over two years study to aquire a suburban licence for, yet one bus route through the middle of each and a green badge feels qualified to accept work in any of these areas, yet questions the validity of an appearance that tests our knowledge of a small specific area of London which, due to the concentration of the area, probably contains more questions involving this particular corner of London than you had to answer in the whole of your central London appearances.

      The best thing to come out of this in my opinion is the fact that coupled with the island ranks and radio laws I never work in the suburbs now, only the all London area. Hang on, that makes me a Licensed All London taxi driver!
      Can I join the club and enroll on dial-a-cab please? ….or are you going to be colour prejudice about it?

  2. We’ve also had black suburban drivers being racially abusive and ramming green badge drivers cabs.TFL are aware of this but it doesn’t get a mention. I’m sure it would if it were the other way around !
    I hope we haven’t entered an age of censorship !

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