Friday 12 October 2012
Taxi manufacturer The London Taxi Company has informed a number of drivers within a specific VIN list that they should stop using their vehicles with immediate effect due to a potential fault with the steering box.
The steering box is a new design from a new supplier that was introduced in production at the Coventry factory in late February 2012.

The manufacturer is recalling 413 London TX4s that appear on the list to allow further investigation and a thorough safety check of the steering box components. The fault could potentially lead to an unexpected loss of steering control and the action is being taken to minimise the risk to passengers, drivers and the public.
Vehicles with VIN numbers that do not appear on the list are not affected by this action.

The London Taxi Company is telling the drivers that they should not use their vehicles until a rework action has been performed. Not all TX4s are affected and only vehicles that are featured on the VIN list will need to be taken off the road.

The London Taxi Company will make arrangements with its main dealers to use their facilities to carry out the rework action. Further details will follow once arrangements have been finalised and drivers are urged to register their details on The London Taxi Company website:
Given the safety aspects related to this recall and our advice that drivers should not use the affected taxis we are advising Taxi Licensing Authorities including TfL that the immediate suspension of the taxi licence is appropriate until the rework action has been completed.

The London Taxi Company recommendation is that drivers of affected vehicles, make arrangements to share or rent another black cab to mitigate their losses and retain an accurate record of any costs incurred. We will also be working to provide temporary assistance for affected drivers where possible.

The London Taxi Company would like to apologise to the affected drivers and reassure them that driver and passenger safety will always be a priority.
The London Taxi Company is working closely alongside TFL and all licensing authorities at this time to solve this issue.
The London Taxi Company remains committed to resolving this problem and implementing a speedy and effective solution.

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