Steering Box Fault in TX4 Taxis – Update


This notice is issued further to TPH Notice 17/12 regarding the manufacturer/VOSA recall and subsequent suspension by Transport for London (TfL) of the licences of 303 licensed London taxis.

London Taxi Company (LTC) has now advised TfL of a further 13 licensed London taxis that are affected by this recall bringing the total to 316. This is due to a steering box fault in late model London Taxi Company TX4 taxis and has also halted the supply of new vehicles Since the recall announcement, TfL has been in constant dialogue with LTC to understand the technical nature of the recall and the steps that LTC is taking to identify and implement a solution.

The Mayor and TfL are aware that there are drivers who, as a direct result of this manufacturer’s recall, may be unable to work. We are pressing LTC to do all they can to provide all available assistance to affected drivers, making sure that they communicate effectively with their customers and make clear their intentions.

This includes the supply and fitting of replacement steering boxes, suitable compensation for drivers unable to work (where appropriate) and the provision of a clear timetable for resolution of the problem.

TfL continues to encourage the taxi trade, through their associations, to work together in partnership to identify possible taxi sharing arrangements to assist those drivers impacted by this problem.

To further assist affected drivers, following a formal request from LTC and representations from driver associations, TfL is, with immediate effect, implementing temporary measures in London for the licensing of taxis. These temporary measures will allow LTC to license Euro III and Euro IV taxis that have not previously been licensed in London and provide them directly to drivers impacted by the TX4 recall.

TfL is hopeful that this temporary measure will enable LTC to provide replacement taxis to those affected. Only taxis that are licensed and supplied by LTC qualify for this concession and are for those drivers directly affected by this recall. TfL will work with LTC to ensure licensing of these vehicles can occur as quickly as possible.

TfL has indicated to LTC that individual owner/drivers who cannot work must have priority over fleet vehicle proprietors who have a greater ability to move vehicles around to keep drivers working.

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