Latest email update from LTC re: Steering Box Recall


The Steering Box Recall was implemented because there was the potential for a sudden and unexpected loss of steering control to be experienced on specific vehicles.
To prevent any occurrence of this condition, The London Taxi Company states that you should immediately STOP using your vehicle.

We have been advised that there is a belief that the above statement is merely advisory. We can assure you, it is not.

To be clear:
· Please do not use your vehicle for ANY reason.
· ALL affected licensing authorities, including Transport for London, have suspended the licences of the affected vehicles.
· Do not put your career, yourself, passengers or the general public in needless danger.


Our objective continues to be to resolve the situation as quickly as possible for affected drivers.

We continue to work towards a solution that will, in due course, be validated by MIRA, VOSA and also Transport for London (TfL).

You are still our top priority; and you will continue to be so, should the company enter into an Administrative process.

Thank you again for your patience, understanding and loyalty during this difficult time.


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