Controversial cash-cow camera in Battersea Square removed after public outcry


A traffic camera, which snapped hundreds of unsuspecting drivers in just two weeks has been removed following a torrent of complaints.

The surveillance camera was set up in Battersea Square last month, with tickets given out to any drivers parking in the road who did not live there or run a business.

A backlash soon followed when it emerged thousands of tickets were being issued, raking in cash for the council.

Such was the uproar, the council has not only disabled the surveillance device, but also said it will cancel any penalty fines incurred.

A council spokesman said: “It is clear many motorists who have breached the rules were not aware they were doing anything wrong, while others have questioned the need for these restrictions in the first place.

“Our review will aim to ensure that whatever system is in place has the full support of residents and businesses.

“Until then we are ceasing further enforcement action.”

At a public meeting attended by 200 people at Thomas’s School last Thursday it was said one driver received 15 tickets, while shops and restaurants in the square have lost business.

The council has since agreed to remove the camera and cancel recently issued penalty notices.

There will also be a review of the no access restrictions.

Alina Vasilcan, owner of Square Sandwich, said: “All of the businesses have noticed the drop down in sales, 20 per cent from each of them.

“It is quite significant in a recession.

“Say someone comes in for a £10 lunch, then gets a £65 ticket, they are not going to come back.”

It is believed the no access rule to the square has been in place since the 1990s, but was never enforced.

Source: Wandsworth Guardian

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