London Taxi Drivers New Design Licences and Area Identifiers


In March 2013, TfL will commence issuing replacement licences and area identifiers to all licensed London taxi drivers. The new licences and area identifiers will be of a similar design to existing ones but will contain a number of new security features.

In addition, following feedback from the trade, the new suburban area identifiers will have a larger space to show the areas for which a driver is licensed to ply for hire.
One of the key reasons for replacing all taxi driver licences and area identifiers is to combat fraudulent licences.

The introduction of the area identifiers has highlighted issues that have existed within the trade for a number of years. Between March and December 2012 some 27 arrests have been made by the police for the use of fraudulent documentation. Of these, a number were completely unlicensed drivers that had received no character and medical checks or undertaken the Knowledge of London. These drivers are putting the public at risk and also damaging the earnings and reputation of legitimate taxi drivers.

Accompanying the new documents will be instructions advising how to return existing documents to TfL.
Any driver who has not received his or her replacement licence and area identifiers by 31 March 2013 should contact us via or 0845 602 7000.

In order to facilitate this change a number of drivers were recently asked to submit passport size photographs which will allow a digital version to be reproduced on their licence. Any driver who has not yet responded to this request is urged to do so without further delay.

Until a new photograph is provided we will be unable to issue the replacement licence and identifiers. Photographs can be emailed to or posted to:
Taxi Driver Photographs 4th Floor, Green Zone Palestra
197 Blackfriars Road London SE1 8NJ
After 31 March 2013

any driver not displaying new style identifiers will be liable to compliance action therefore it is imperative that drivers provide a photograph as requested.

Through the issue of the new licences and area identifiers which contain additional security features, along with continuing to undertake regular compliance checks, we will be able to safeguard the public from rogue drivers and protect the reputation and the earnings of the taxi trade

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4 thoughts on “London Taxi Drivers New Design Licences and Area Identifiers

  1. Only a pity the same zeal was not applied to PH. We are losing thousands of jobs a week to these people.

    Last night there was a well known branded Galaxy on the point of a rank, A punter walked up and I stopped them getting in, during the ride i toild them the situation. they said ‘How are wew supposed to know’


    TfL useless

  2. How much money do tfl plan to throw at these identifiers?
    Although some questioned the need for ids, I think we can all see their worth for public saftey sake now, but why do I have to pay for more photographs to send tfl and then pay to send them my current ids when I get my new ones?
    Are they going to issue further new versions everytime they become aware of a new security measure that they haven’t included on these new version ids.

    They already have a tiny personal number under your badge number to identify the owner if the id is copied and the badge number is changed, so how much more do they really need?

    I think we should at least be sent a buisness reply envelope to return our old ids since its tfl’s responsibility they didn’t produce the originals to their own required standard.

    I know its only a few quid, but its the principle that matters.
    They take enough for our licenses.

  3. Look the identfires do work since the I’d come out suburban ranks have filled up when I go back to the flyer turnham green rank is full faces I’ve never seen but its TFL that made is mess by issuing there licences knowing full well there was no work I’d like to ask the LCDC are there any plans in the pipe line to make PH play by the book and give them new IDs or have SGS been given the contract to do this ????????

  4. The hologram currently in place on the taxi licence plate would have been all that was needed on the identifier from the off, but since they have now decided to change them totally at what must be a massive cost im sure we can expect a badge renewal increase to pay for all this any time soon. Great.

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