COL response to closure of Stonecutter Street


Corporations press release about Stonecutter Street

After thorough investigations – and consultation with local businesses, residents and key stakeholders – it was concluded that the new scheme delivered vital environmental (inc air quality and noise) and road safety improvements through a reduction in through traffic. The scheme also accommodates the predicted cycle and pedestrian growth for the area – without unreasonable journey time increases being incurred by vehicles servicing local businesses and taxis picking up and setting down in the area.

As part of the feasibility studies for this scheme, vehicle journey times were calculated for various destinations within the City of London to Shoe Lane. It was concluded that journey times to the north and west would remain unchanged, with only journeys to the east and south being affected. From the designated decision-point at the Shoe Lane roundel, the distance to Farringdon Street southbound is approximate 95m using Stonecutter Street whereas the same journey via Holborn Circus and Charterhouse Street is approximately 735m, ie an additional 640m. Given that the average speed vehicles travel in the City is approx. 10mph we judged that the impact that the closure of Stonecutter Street would have on journey times would be minimal and in no way unreasonable.

The City of London Corporation and TfL are aware that the Shoe Lane area is currently going through a difficult time, due to Thameslink, Crossrail, and works to the Holborn Viaduct Bridge. However, as each phase of works is completed it is envisaged that journey times will fall back to normal patterns and in turn improve overall in the longer term. In addition, improvements to the Holborn Circus junction are planned for later in 2013. Both TfL and we believe this will greatly improve traffic flows and safety in the area once completed.