15 April 2013

Below is the latest taxi ranks update to help keep you informed, follow the links provided for more information.


London Bridge bus station reopens
London Bridge bus station has now reopened following the completion of the works to repair the collapsed sewer in London Bridge Street.

The taxi rank in the station plus the drop-off bays and disabled pick-up bay are all now open, the temporary taxi rank in St Thomas Street is no longer in operation. Taxi drivers must not overrank or block access to the station for buses, taxis and other vehicles.

Baroness Thatcher funeral
On Wednesday 17 April 2013 the funeral of Baroness Thatcher will take place at St Paul’s Cathedral. A ceremonial funeral will be held with a procession between the Palace of Westminster and St Paul’s, details of the route of the procession and planned road closures are available here.

Some taxi rank suspensions will be in place from 05:00 on Wednesday morning along and around the procession route. Drivers must not park or leave their taxi on any suspended taxi rank otherwise it could be towed away and where possible drivers should try to avoid the area.

The following taxi ranks will be suspended from 05:00 on Wednesday 17 April:

– Aldwych (Waldorf Hotel)
– Aldwych (rest rank)
– Aldwych (One Aldwych Hotel)
– Aldwych (ME Hotel)
– Strand (Charing Cross Station)
– Strand (opposite Australia House)
– Strand (Clement Danes Church)
– Exeter Street (Strand Palace Hotel)
– Arundel Street (rest rank)
– Temple Place (refreshment rank)
– Embankment Place (under Charing Cross railway bridge)
– Whitehall Place (Corinthia Hotel)
– Whitehall Place (Liberal Club)
– Whitehall Court (Royal Horseguards Hotel)
– Pall Mall (RAC Club)
– Millbank (Media Centre)

The Strand (Clement Danes Church) taxi rank will also be suspended on Monday 15 April and Tuesday 16 April but drivers will be able to use the first three spaces of the taxi rank on these days.

Hammersmith Broadway works

Emergency repair works are taking place in Hammersmith Broadway and during these works the taxi rank will be unavailable but a temporary taxi rank has been provided in Queen Caroline Street. The works are expected to last for up to six weeks and taxi drivers should use the temporary taxi rank but must not overrank or try and use the rank when it is full as the rank is being closely monitored.

Liverpool Street marshalled taxi rank
The late night marshalled taxi rank in Liverpool Street continues to be popular with drivers and the public but since the scheme was first started more bars and clubs in the City have started to open on Saturday evenings.

In response to this increase in late night activity on Saturday evenings, and following discussions with the City of London Corporation, we have decided to change the evenings the marshalled taxi rank operates. Instead of the rank being marshalled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings it will now be marshalled on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

We intend to trial this and see how well the rank is used, if it is successful we will consider making the change permanent.


On Saturday 25 May 2013 We Are FVSTL takes place at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster.

The festival is between 11:00am and 02:30am and will be attended by 15,000 people. Shuttle buses will run from Upminster Station to the festival site on Saturday but to help people who want to take a taxi there will be taxi marshals at the station between 10:00 and 15:00 on Saturday.

At the festival site there will be a designated drop-off area plus a taxi rank and this will be marshalled from 10:00 on Saturday morning until the festival ends on Sunday morning. The drop-off area and taxi rank will be accessible from Warwick Lane.

Taxis will be an essential form of transport for people going to and from the event so we hope that the local drivers will use the station taxi rank and the taxi rank on the festival site. Information about the event can be found on the We Are FVSTL website here.

Whitcomb Street

Following a public consultation by Westminster City Council the taxi rank in Whitcomb Street, outside the Thistle Piccadilly Hotel, has been revoked.

The council proposed a number of changes in Wardour Street and Whitcomb Street including removing the Whitcomb Street taxi rank, extending the Blue Badge parking bays and relocating some residents parking. The taxi rank ceased operation on Monday 8 April 2013 and drivers should not park where the rank was located.

Hornchurch taxi rank trial

The Hornchurch taxi rank trial is continuing and the feedback so far has been positive. Since the trial started there have been some small changes and the taxi rank is now in three portions:
– 1st portion is still in Hornchurch High Street and is for 4 taxis only
– 2nd portion is in Billet Lane but the front of the 2nd portion has been moved closer to Hornchurch High Street and extended to 8 spaces
– 3rd portion is in Billet Lane and is for 10 taxis

There are temporary taxi rank stops at both of the portions in Billet Lane to tell drivers where to rank.

The trial will continue to be monitored and drivers are reminded that they must not:
– Rank outside of the agreed taxi rank portions
– Overrank or cause any obstructions
– Block buses or any other vehicles


Complaints have continued to be received about taxis overranking at the Selfridges taxi rank, parking on the pavement and also parking in the bus stop. Drivers must not overrank or obstruct the bus stop otherwise they will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) by the borough.

Complaints have also been received about taxis queuing on the corner of Hans Road/Basil Street/near Walton Place.
This is obstructing other vehicles and causing problems for local residents and businesses. If the taxi ranks serving Harrods are full then drivers must not queue in the road and should move on.

Richmond Station

The new taxi rank serving Richmond Station is now operational and marked out on the road. The rank is in four portions which are set out as follows:
– 1st portion, this is for 4 taxis and operates 24 hours a day
– 2nd portion, this is for 17 taxis and operates 24 hours a day
– 3rd portion, this is in the shared loading bay, is for 4 taxis and operates between 19:00-07:00
– 4th portion, this is in the shared loading bay, is for 6 taxis and operates between 19:00-07:00

There have been reports that a small minority of taxi drivers have been ranking in drop-off area on The Quadrant but this area is not designated as a taxi rank and drivers must not park in or ply for hire from this space. This area has been designated as a drop-off area only, if taxis rank here then it prevents taxi drivers and other motorists from being able to safely drop-off passengers for the station.

Muswell Hill Broadway rank

The Muswell Hill Broadway taxi rank has been moved to Dukes Avenue. The relocated taxi rank is for two taxis, operates 24 hours a day and a new taxi pole has recently been installed at the rank.

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