Concept Taxi Looking to enter London



The Turkish automotive manufacturer Karsan, one of the top three finalists of the NYC Taxi of Tomorrow tender, has since developed the Concept V1 platform as a vehicle for everyone; including people with reduced mobility, especially ones who travel in wheelchairs, the elderly, those with strollers and prams and passengers carrying packages. The platform will be equipped with an automated wheelchair ramp deployed from both sides, specially designed wide doors opening at 90 degrees allowing easy access, a low floor structure and a wheelchair restraint system.

The Concept V1 is designed to accommodate last generation electric powertrain to achieve zero emission with its affordable onboard quick-charge unit allowing to use the AC Power supply network.

The vehicle is compliant with conditions of fitness including 25 feet turning circle requirement. With its unique and exciting styling Concept V1 is designed to capture the heritage of London and as a dedicated London Taxi vehicle, it aims to become an integrated part of Londoner’s daily life.

The vehicle provides comfort for both drivers and passengers, such as entertainment systems, payment options, location-based maps, navigation or other information systems.

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