Suburban Taxi Licensing Consultation


Following the Mayor’s manifesto commitment to deliver a suburban action plan and to address the concerns of Suburban taxi drivers about the availability of work and the increasing number of taxi drivers in suburban areas, we have undertaken an in-depth review of suburban licensing.

The first stage of the review was two TfL-facilitated workshops attended by working taxi drivers. These workshops let us hear as many views and ideas as possible from the taxi trade, what they saw as the problems and what changes could be made to support them. Through these workshops and subsequent correspondence with attendees and other licensees we have received a wide range of ideas which have helped to form the basis of this consultation.

Our proposals are based on feedback received from the taxi trade and cover key themes including:

Suburban sector structure: Examining the rationale behind the current structure and exploring alternatives
Knowledge of London: Addressing the barriers that the Knowledge creates for suburban drivers who want to add sectors or become an All London driver
Driver numbers: Reviewing recent trends and looking at the arguments for and against restricting driver numbers on either a permanent or temporary basis
Taxi ranks: Explaining the process for appointing ranks, the difficulties surrounding the process and current initiatives
Improving supply of taxis in central London: Addressing suggestions from the trade that would allow suburban drivers to work in central London at specific times or places
Island ranks and licence area extensions: Reviewing existing measures introduced to improve taxi supply on the periphery of central London and exploring a formal structure for extending this strategy
Radio and app bookings: Examining the current restrictions on suburban drivers and exploring options for change

To find out more about our proposals, please download and read our Consultation Document.

Have your say
TfL is keen to hear from drivers and taxi users, especially those in suburban areas, to help form future policy ensuring drivers can continue to match the demand for the world class service

Online Survey Click Here:

You can read TFL’s
Suburban Taxi Licensing Consultation here :

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