Hailo statement take 3…

Over the past week or so there has been much discussion amongst drivers about Hailo’s application for a Private Hire licence. There has been some misinformation and even scaremongering. We’d like to take the opportunity to dispel the myths and set the record straight. We have spoken to literally hundreds of drivers personally and will continue the dialogue to get feedback and prevent people from getting the wrong end of the stick. Meanwhile, here are some answers to common questions:

Why we’re doing this

Today, passengers have a number of apps on their phone to get them a vehicle. If they choose a taxi but can’t get one on Hailo, it is a fact that they will open other apps that don’t offer taxis to get a car. That passenger may then be lost to the trade forever. By giving people a secondary option for a private hire car we are keeping that passenger on an app where taxis are the first choice.

When are we doing this

All that has happened so far is that Hailo has applied for a Private Hire Operators licence. It has not yet (as at May 28th) been issued by Transport for London. No launch date has been fixed.

Is Hailo going to be private hire only?

Of course not. We stress that taxis will continue to be front and centre of Hailo’s offering and the default option for the passenger.

What type of vehicles are you planning?

These are early days and our next task is to provide executive cars that corporate accounts have said they need in order to use taxis in their businesses, thus getting more of the corporate work that cab drivers have always told us they want.

Going forward, whilst taxis will be the first thing people see when they open up the app, we may offer a broader choice of vehicles as passengers and businesses require so that they keep using Hailo and thus have a smartphone app that has taxis as the first choice. More people using the app means more work for taxis.

How big will the fleet be and who will be driving these cars?

We are still finalising the details and will share them closer to launch, but taking some of your ideas on board already, if possible we would like to involve licensed taxi drivers – be they Knowledge students, existing drivers or ex-drivers.

Will this mean taxis get more corporate work?

Yes. Hailo is actively trying to win corporate business back to black cabs and we launched the Hailo for Business service recently to develop this faster. Corporate accounts want executive-class cars as part of their requirements – and winning business is much harder if we don’t provide this service – as radio circuits have shown.

Will Hailo send people who ask for a taxi a private hire instead?

No, if passengers request a taxi they will get a taxi. If there are no taxis available, then passengers can choose to look for another option.

Will Hailo be giving all the best/longer jobs to private hire?

No. Unlike the radio circuits, it will always be the passenger’s choice. If people ask for a taxi, they’ll get a taxi.

How is this affecting Hailo?

The data shows that Hailo continues to provide a very strong service and the overwhelming majority of drivers continue to take Hailo jobs as always. There is no doubt that some drivers have expressed their concerns about the move, and we respect this, but many realise that a stronger Hailo means more work for them and the taxi industry.

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7 thoughts on “Hailo statement take 3…

  1. Years ago didn’t Radio Taxis do the same thing getter proper cabbies to drive cars, then they wondered why a lot of work disappeared when they went back to driving a real cab, talk about turkey’s voting for Christmas!!
    They want full control, make you feel that you can’t survive without them, like a worthless wife beater!!

  2. Hailos growth within the london licensed taxi trade is fairly stunted due to the size of the fleet and the the limited amount of drivers that they can brainwash with their scaremongering rhetoric. They have to tap into the PH market now for growth. They say it’s to win back corporate work, but as any ‘free thinking cabbie’ knows , it’s all about the profit.
    Our trade needs a saviour. And our meter tarriff need an overhaul. Dialacab have the funds, and the reputation to adapt their app to compete with the likes of Hailo. (Why has this not happened???). When the circuits have lost trips over the years to PH, its often been said that PH are cheaper over the longer trips, in which case we should be campaigning for our meter to slow down, on the distance element not time, after the 1st 6 miles to reduce the cost of longer trips hence making us competitive. Then we can the not only trade on our professionalism but on value too.
    We’re heading into a new world unprepared, unlike PH, and being lead by prople who have no interest in our futures, but only have interest in inventing ways of creaming 10% off our takings and maybe even more!. Our unions need to wake up and start preparing us for the future before it’s too late!!

  3. Was this trying to be third time lucky!
    The first statement was angry and patronising, the second was pleading and now they think they can reason with us.
    Can they not understand that we got it, no matter what way they dress it up, we built their brand based on the simple fact that it wasn’t radio taxis, com cab and dial-a-cab it was a black cab only app that was “Winning back our work”… yeh right!
    Now they’ve squeezed us as much as they can, they have stabbed us in the back on the quest for profits, on this mythical public need for a one stop shop service (I’ll believe that when add lee ask us on their app).
    Now they need to understand, that they have lost the trust of the majority of this trade and they can go on their merry way to the bottom. We however will carry on keeping our standards and integrity intact.
    Delete Hailo!!!

  4. This all sounds very familiar, radio taxis did something similar. Seems to me you’ve dug yourselfs a rather large hole and now your trying to get out. You have betrayed the trade that has supported you…

  5. Another load of CRAP !

    Why are Hailo doing this ?
    To earn as much money as they can and if they shaft us in the process then it’s tough !

    When are Hailo doing this ?
    As soon as we bloody can. As every day that we’re not we’re loosing money, My Boy !

    Is Hailo going to be private hire (mini cabs) only ?
    Of course not ! We need the dopey limeys that drive black cabs (who we built are reputation on) to do most of the bread and butter (shit) work !

    What type of vehicles are Hailo planning on using ?
    Probably anything that they can earn a few quid out of ! So that they can then put more work back into taxis (Yeh Right)

    How big will this fleet be and who will be driving these mini cabs ?
    As big as possible as every mini cab gives us the chance to earn more !
    Anyone with a mini cab licence and a sat nav !

    Will this mean more corporate work ?
    At the expense of diluting the trade further it might but probably not on the meter tariff as why would you pay more if your transport provider could send a mini cab for less money !

    Will Hailo send people who ask for a taxi a mini cab ?
    Of course not, but it’s nice to give the Chelsea brigade a choice isn’t it. They will
    “obviously” choose to pay more in a taxi than in a readily available mini cab.

    Will Hailo give the best/longer jobs to mini cabs ?
    Passengers choice, pay more taxi ! Pay less mini cab ?????

    How is this affecting Hailo ?
    The data shows that hailo continues to provide a very strong service built on the reputation of the famous London taxi. However we have seen a way that we can earn far more money. So on behalf of Hailo we would like to say a big thankyou and from Russell, Gary and Terry it”s time to bend over and take one for the team.

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