London Assembly announces new investigation into taxis and mini cabs

Passengers are being invited to share their views on the service provided by taxi and mini cabs to help inform a new London Assembly investigation.

Assembly Members on the transport committee have announced a six-month investigation into passenger expectations of both trades, including the ease of booking a cab, fare levels and the accessibility of vehicles.

They will also examine whether Transport for London’s regulation of the trades is delivering the services users want and explore whether improvements need to be made.

Passengers, drivers and user & trade groups are being invited to help shape the investigation by sharing their views and comments with the committee.

Interested parties have until the end of September to submit detailed views, but AMs are asking for initial thoughts to be sent by June 30th so that they can inform a public meeting on July 9th.

At that meeting the committee will question user groups about passenger concerns.

A second meeting in September will hear from representatives of the taxi and mini cab trades and from Transport for London officials and representatives of the Mayor.

Questions to these groups will be based on the evidence heard at the July 9th meeting.

Announcing the investigation Caroline Pidgeon AM, Chair of the Transport Committee, said: “Black cabs are as synonymous with London as Tower Bridge and Big Ben. Alongside Private Hire vehicles they play an important role in providing a service to Londoners and visitors to our capital, particularly for those who don’t own their own car, have mobility impairments or work unsocial hours.

”Our investigation will focus on how both sectors can improve on all aspects of passenger service, including the vital issue of safety.

“We will want to see how the Mayor and Transport for London are responding to this changing environment and how they can improve their regulation of and services to the industries.”

Submissions should address the following three questions:

  • What are passengers’ views about taxi and private hire services in London including about the availability at different times and locations, safety and cost of these services?
  • How well are the Mayor, TfL and the taxi and private hire industries responding to passenger issues?
  • What more could the Mayor, TfL and the taxi and private hire industries be doing to improve taxi and private hire services in London?

and can be sent to:

London Assembly Transport Committee
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk
London SE1 2AA

or via email to:

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