TFL update Re: Uber


Today I spoke to Garrett Emerson regarding TfL`s position with Uber and now the deadline that they had been given by TfL to comply had passed, what was the outcome, and had TFL indeed suspended Uber from operating?

Garrett Emmerson informed me that Uber had emailed TfL some 5 minutes to midnight on their deadline and had changed some of their terms and conditions that effect the relationship between Uber BV ( in Holland ) and their passengers in London.
At this point in time, TfL are still not 100% happy with this and said that although Uber are not far off complying fully with what they want and have asked them for some more information, they ( Uber ) will still be allowed to operate in London.

I mentioned the issue of the use of a meter in Uber`s vehicles and he said that this was an issue for the High Court to decide and that the LTDA had a case going before the courts on this matter.

I passed this information over to Steve Mc at the LTDA and he agreed with me 100% that in the next few days the date of the 2nd Demonstration will be announced to the Trade.

Also, TfL are in the process of taking an Uber driver to Court for not having no Insurance.

This news from TfL just reinforces our opinion that TFL are our Licensing Authority
without any Authority.
I look forward to seeing you back on the streets.

Grant Davis

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2 thoughts on “TFL update Re: Uber

  1. Keep up the pressure , Second demo needs to be asap or how about 3/4 July when the world press are here for the tour de france.

  2. I wonder how many London cabbies TFL have had to take to court for having no insurance. Insurance documents are easy for forge. For the folk that driver Uber cars and don’t know about the APR cameras in the city, it’s an easy nick for the police !

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