4 thoughts on “Suburban Taxi Driver Licensing Provisional outcome of suburban review

  1. This most be fought, if they are allowed these large sectors, why do the all London Knowledge. Then we will hear theirs not enough cabs, and let the Suburban drivers come further inn.
    Why are they on about a fast track knowledge it’s their all ready? Any knowledge boy/girl who is that good which we are,led to believe by Saint Les they will get a double AA grade any way.

    I know the club has many issues at the moment but must fight this as hard as we can. It will once again be the LCDC leading the way.
    Regards a ex Surbuban driver

    • This happened over 15 years ago 4 sectors then every body started doing the green then the green badges started moneing so the PCO made smaller sectors I think TFL know that the yellow badge is a problem even the exceminars want rid of it

      • Hi Paul Yes I do remember it, I was on the old two and half mile radius of the station Suburban knowledge at the time. Believe or not it was 30 years ago. The problem then was no one did the Suburban knowledge. This is what will happen again they will just give the president suburban drivers these very large areas with out doing any extra knowledge, what will this do to our high standards?

      • God yes 30 years And if I’m right the PCO did not test any driver for the extended areas as it was to much of a problem so the PCO just give them the added areas with out even testing any drivers that I do remember

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