Welcome to the home of the LCDC

Hi all, after a hectic year and recent events, I have finally found a little time to put this site together. I think it’s very important to keep in touch with all the members and friends of the club, and I will try  to keep you all informed and up to date with current events. With the membership growing it’s getting harder to speak to everyone via the phone.

The new website has a comments feature and is interactive, which I hope will bring the club even closer together; it also gives you your own opportunity to have some input, and will help us to work together in shaping the pattern of things to come.

I do believe this year will be pivotal in determining the future of our trade, and I’m commited in stoping  PH from gaining any footholds within our industry!

  • I will continue to fight for the abolition of  satellite offices.
  • I will roll out the security operation to ranks and other touting hotspots, in an attempt to rid the capitals venues and street corners of PH touts.
  • I will work hard in achieving my goals, representing you, and negotiating a better, safer working environment  for you all!

Best wishes,

Grant Davis.

Chairman LCDC.