Conversion of St James’s Street and Pall Mall from one-way to two-way traffic flow

On the morning of Sunday 3 July Westminster City Council will be converting St James’s Street and Pall Mall from one-way to two-way traffic flow. This will involve lane closures on both roads 24 hours in advance of the switchover and access to side roads may be restricted. Once the switchover has taken place traffic will be able to turn right into St James’s Street from Piccadilly and will be able to travel directly from Pall Mall to Pall Mall East towards Trafalgar Square. All existing movements will still be possible with the exception of the right turn from St James’s Street into Piccadilly which will be banned following the change.

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Taxis drive slower to rack up fares

A transport minister sparked a storm among black cab drivers today by suggesting some trundle along slowly to rack up fares.

Cycling minister Norman Baker‘s quip was met with anger at the taxi rank. Cab meters add a charge based on time when the speed falls below 10.4mph.

Appearing at the Commons transport committee, the Liberal Democrat was highlighting how his department was seeking to axe unnecessary and ancient legislation.

He told MPs: “I think there is an offence of furious driving which only applies to taxi drivers because they used to be Hackney Carriage drivers, from about 1847.

“I must admit I have not seen any taxi drivers driving furiously; they drive rather slowly in my experience, to keep the clock ticking over.” He later told the Standard: “It was a light-hearted comment which I think some people will see a grain of truth in.”

He also stressed many cabbies would struggle to go faster because of congestion.
But Steve McNamara, spokesman for the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association, which represents 10,000 drivers, said: “Sometimes they say it’s best to keep your mouth shut in case people think you are stupid rather than open it and confirm their belief. It’s not just scandalous, it’s slanderous.

“I might only be a taxi driver but I’d be embarrassed to have to tell people, ‘I’m the minister for cycling.’ He will be riding everywhere in future because no cab driver will pick him up.”

He insisted drivers made their best money by distance travelled rather than by time

taxis needed for july 13th outing to Hastings

Taxis are urgently required for the Albany trip to Hastings on the 13th July.

At present, 25 extra are needed to give all the children on the list a very,very special day.

I know times are hard, and we are all chasing, but giving a child a dream day at the coast ( and having a few ice-creams yourself ) can`t be a bad thing.

CONTACT: Mickey Range  07976 427 818

Grant Davis

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